Don’t I know you?

Hello stranger,

I hope I wont be wrong calling you Daddyo, because this is what is written on a box of Himalayan Institute “Sacred space incense” with the symbol on it. I got it from you at the Hair of the Dog camp/bar at Burning Man on 2011.

I found your box during the last year burn. It was buried in our stored stuff. I remember you as a tall guy and that we had a longer conversation. I do not remember what we were talking about, maybe the meaning of life? or maybe about love to the world. All I have is this box and a warm feeling of that moment and friendship. I remember that I was very upset when I could not find the box while leaving the Playa. Maybe it was only such an impressive moment for me only, maybe I’m wrong and maybe the email that is written on your box is not correct, or maybe you are not here anymore, or you changed your life or way of living – I do not know that, but this is why I’m writing this letter, to find out.


I’m from Lithuania, my Playa name is Goku and on that day

 we visited Hair of the Dog camp with the huge faber-foam stump on wheels – “Blukis”. 


Daddyo, I would like to thank you again for you incense and if you are ok and still here or maybe even if you are going to BM this year, I would like to meet you again and shake your hand, give a hug, just for the reason of this Burning Man incense box story and history.



So beautiful, so synchronous, so much universe.  Goku -thank you for generating such lovely energy that you cause such emotion inside me.  Daddy’O is the playa name, the email address is correct, the attribution to incense and life, is the ticket.  I just came back from our regional event in upper Michigan, Lakes Of Fire.  It was funny, there was no less than three people who id’d me as giving them schwag from 2 to 4 years ago.  I of course was giving more away, including a couple of incense boxes.  The gifting is a natural expression of our deeper self, the Self that has everything in fullness.  

I am OK with Being happy in the Moment.  Nothing could be better when everything is as full as that potentiality inside, deep down in the backdrop.  

I talked to a couple of Lithuanians.  I believe I know which one you are.  You are the one who listened deeply.  This year I will not be going to the Burning Man festival.  I’ve been making time for that Zen thing.  However, if you are in the Chicago area, we should certainly meet up.

Lastly, if I could be so bold, the energy you are feeling is “The” energy.  It belongs to no one and is part of everyone.  It cannot be personalized as belonging to anyone in particular.  Feel that now.  Feel the space where everything starts, where everything is, and where you are most at home.  There is no neediness, grasping, or judgement in this space. It requires the ticket of effortlessness to enter.  Be the Moment -always


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