Thoughts coming in and staying. Staying and taking over by dominating Us. This precludes our ability to have “direct experience”. “Direct experience” is in the Presence. Thoughts, those stuck in your head or any other kind, are not in reality. They become the reality, that is, a false reality. The benefits of life and what Presence offers us, is compromised. For example, our happiness is shut down until we get out of this lower consciousness. Our decisions and executive functioning are compromised. For what is happening as a result of non-seeing and attachment, we lose a lot. A thought can perseverate for years, even a lifetime. The advantage of this type of thought is that it can be seen easily because it is such a ‘regular’. So if we see this ‘regular’ guy show up hour after hour, day after day, and we do nothing about is, then are we really putting forth our spiritual path? Are we employing awareness, the most powerful tool available? Are we seeing our “stuck ness “? Are we realizing we are being a slave to the mind?

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