When life delivers a trauma like cancer, death, betrayal, or loss of our smartphone, we react.  Often we go into a tailspin that is truly out of control.  We think we can never recover.  But what has happened?  We first identify with the event and make it “ours’.  This is in contrast to the 2nd thing that happens almost immediately.  We start to push it away,to resist it and make it go away.  We feel like running and escaping to some place safer.  But where is this going on?  In your mind, all this reaction, idea-making, conclusion and revulsion occurs.  This is NOT to say that we should resist what happened.  Look at what happened, closely.  We put two oppositional ideas together and may begin to see why there is major conflict.  Do we have to choose to own the action?  Yes we have a choice and its NOT denial, as the skillful choice.  The skillful choice is to see, accept, and allow the event to pass through without our obstructions and control ( owning).  There will be no need to push it away if we don’t own it in the first place.  All things do pass and so shall any of these temporary phenomena. See everything in the Moment and let the old Moment go.  It is no longer the Moment when it is no longer now.  Seeing or awareness, is everything we need to do.    Daddy’O

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