A reply.

Reply to Good/Bad Thoughts

You do not have to agree with me. As a matter of fact, it is probably best that you don’t. It is best that you thoroughly test out the reality of the hypothesis. At this juncture you need these ‘good’ thoughts. Yes? Without them where would you Be? I pun. Being does not need these thoughts, good or bad. Being just Is. Now that makes sense if you can get your mind out of the way. First, do not fret over this. That is the mind. See the fretting but watch out for the explosive narrative. Keep seeing and you’ll be Being more. Right now we need the ‘good’ thoughts because they are our anchors. We are not ready to pitch them into the darkness. They do give us solace. However, these are thoughts (temporary phenomena). Just ‘know’ this while looking at the background. See the background while experiencing the foreground. No ‘pushing’ feels right. Always go with that and ‘see’. When it doesn’t make sense and falls apart, see that. “Seeing’ never stops. IT is MOST honest. Be That. Daddy’O

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