Are good thoughts good?

The difficulty of ‘thinking’ good thoughts. What could be wrong with thinking good thoughts?! Com’n now! Is nothing sacred? It, on occasion, may be difficult to have thoughts that are quote ‘good’. Really, that is not what the ‘real’ problem is. The real problem is what is “real”. Are the ‘good’ thoughts real? Or are they just thoughts? They certainly are preferred over debilitating thoughts, evil thoughts, and hateful, spiteful thoughts, yes? Of course. What is important is to remember when thinking thoughts that are acceptable, honorable, or whatever positive characteristic we and society put out, they, at the end of the day (i prefer Moment), are just thoughts. Certainly they do normally preclude good acts and speech. And thank (your deity) for that. Bottom line, thoughts that promote good are great! The issue comes in if we think that we are done with our evolvement after issuing all these good and great thoughts. One problem is if we think these thoughts, we may indulge in them where we get lost and disconnected. We lose our Awareness (mindfulness, if you like) and we may lose our connection to who we really are in the Moment. We certainly are never our thoughts (get over it, its true). Thoughts will always be thoughts because that is the limitation that they are, their “Isness”. Certainly we can rank order thoughts, but that still leaves us with thoughts. Thoughts are not the endpoint, are they? They are effective but in a limited finite way. Awareness and Being (connectedness) are the infinite in this paradigm of life forces. Their permanence hails their imperativeness. Thoughts are as fleeting as….well…thoughts. Bubbles waiting to burst and dissipate. Ergo, when we ‘think’ good thoughts we may ‘think’ we are done because we became good. Sorry. Your bubble will have to burst on this one (in this case your thought).
Connectedness to who you really are (Being, Awareness, Bliss) is what matters. Without that a priori connection you dont mean shit to a tree, to be blunt. You are informed with this connection that truly is beyond thought. “Be the ‘Be’, the do the do.” Your thoughts, words, and actions have a ‘basis’ that is sound and integrated before thought. Be ‘that’ always. Even a ‘good’ thought can cause us problems when it causes a disconnect with our true selves. We know that indulging in ‘bad’ thoughtscan disconnect us. But do we realize that the good thoughts have the same hazard? Good thoughts can be worse because we ‘think’ we won’t be disconnected. Wake up and smell the roastaroma mocha spice! Take your spotlight and flood it for a second to get the big picture. Thoughts are products of mind. Thoughts are outcomes using the tool called the mind.  Do not be a tool.  Just ‘Be’, and See, and enjoy the Moment from your deep connection that is far from your parade of dazzling thoughts. Daddy’O

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