Be more.

The more I can Be, the more I Am.

Be Bold!  Awareness is everything.  Awareness is everything or nothing, depending on how we choose in the Moment.  First , Be in in just one of the 86400 moments in a 24 hour period.  Give up your ‘need’ to do that something else which you have been doing for 86399 moments in a day.  Just this one time, do it.  Be it.  See it.  See yourself being driven by irrational patterns and reactivity.  Do not embellish.  Just see.  Really see, just for  MOMENT.  AND THEN relax.  See what you did by ‘seeing’.  See how things changed in that moment.  See the liberty you had in getting beyond the ego/mind for that instance of time.  See that you can do it again, and again, one moment after another.  Become that Awareness, effortlessly.  Daddy’O

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