Choose permanence.

“We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.” -Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

I read this quote and thought it was just beautiful. The game we play in our life is believing that this is all real. And that is the game. That and the necessary element of ‘uncertainty’. These factors sometimes cause us to do things that we know are not right in our core. But we still do them. Why? Would it be because we are overwhelmed with disappointment, frustration, an irreconcilable difference? We’ve all been there. And it gets unholy. We are sucked in. We’re gone. The values we thought we had are toast.
When we invest into the ‘seen’ to the degree we do, without investing into the ‘unseen” in at least the same, or greater proportion, then we have failed ourselves. It is not so much an external situation as it is an internal situation. Yeah, the events we experience are compelling. They can jar your head like a mf’er. However, before you give up and resign yourself to misery and worse, look at the proportions you are investing. Are the amounts really adequate to sustain the stability we seek? Or is it more like a token amount that we “hope” will work out for us? If its not happening for us, measure and look at the numbers. If we can’t even do that, then we really don’t want change and probably should state that as loud as we can to ourselves and stop our bellyaching.
Accepting disappointment is a part of the game of life. We need to handle that gracefully and let it go, now.
To suggest that it will ever stop is to be delusional. When we align, infuse, and fill and thrill our hearts with the Divine Infinity, we have made a direct acknowledgement of the deepest part of our being. We cannot lose hope because we are coursing the ‘permanent’ part of life that is predictable in the sense of its consistent availability and power and fullness. It is there we see all fulfillment happening and can easily see the transience of our little life changes and the indigenousness of non permanence. Because we have invested enough capital internally, we can act more confidently due to greater inner knowledge that results.
You are who you Be. Who are you Being? Which energy stream have you really chosen? It should be obvious. BE ALWAYS, DADDY’O

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