Connection over just a thought.

Self-deception is always there to overcome.  It is not enough to give a shrug and say that is not me.  It is always advisable to “see”  constantly and practice vigilance with all the thoughts we harbor.  When we are enjoying things with our thoughts, we think we are ok.  Why wouldn’t we?  We feel good.  This type of situation is where blind spots hangout.  The delusion is often sensory.  Seeing one’s crap is more difficult when we feel right just because of a superficial thought.  The thought is just a thought unless it is grounded in the deeper connection that we all are, always.  The quality of energy is less judgmental and less bound when it is grounded in Being.  We sometimes think we can’t enjoy it as much when we can’t be ‘attached’ to it in a grasping way.  Grasping is needy, and needy is not integrated.   Daddy’O

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