I am who?

Who are you if you are not your thoughts?     You ask an age-old question that has been asked for millennia.  It is beautiful.  The problem is only you can answer it.  When I answer it it is only words.  Words are a finger pointing to the moon.  Can you taste an apple with my words, or anyone’s words?  That almost sounds like a copout but this is not cliche.  You already know it in your Being.  Get the little ego, Mr know everything, out of the way by Seeing.  This is not a scientific question, a moral question, a belief; it IS.  Not to say that all the other doesn’t serve us well.  It does, unless we slave to it.  Be fundamentalist with Being by Seeing the subtle, the backdrop to all this drama.  Drama deludes us.  We buy it.  Our parents bought it.  We sell it to our children.  Bite the apple and taste for yourself.  You are all that.  Get, effortlessly, the plenum of love and beauty that is yours in the Moment.


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