Internal conflicts.

Ownership and revulsion (attachment and pushing energy) are the common oppositional reactions. Trying to stop the reaction is pushing.
Pushing is not skillful.

Seeing is skillful. We see that  we are pushing when we are pushing. We see that we are having a reactive thought, and that it is NOT a direct experience. Practice seeing. When we have the unskillful reaction, we see it in that present moment. We do not wait until later, after it has completely dominated us.  Seeing early in the process prevents the movement towards deterioration. 

Now sometimes we may not catch it till later. This is where the practice comes in. Practice is the ongoing awareness with no denial of any piece of it. When we are lost in thought we are lost in the mind, in some unnatural reality that is far from direct experience. If we practice getting lost like that, we will continue to get that condition.

Using our awareness is Being, especially when we have gotten past the limitations of the mind. I am watching myself watch myself.

We do not need to think toooooo much about it. See more.


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