Is it Mine?

Why does an event that typically causes us suffering, get better when we redefine our identity? Why would changing who we think we are, have an effect on some ‘bad’ occurrence that just walked into our life? Can perception of ‘bad’ things change when we redefine our identity?  What shifts to alleviate deep or chronic suffering?

The real question is, are we willing to try something different, rather than pursuing the usual response (reaction)? To look at the undesirable event as hostile, but at the same time, “our” event, we go into the polar conundrum of mine vs. ick. The “mine” is our egoic response, revealing our attachment and ownership. The “ick” is the ego/mind attempting to find equanimity and restoration of some ‘perceived’ harmony. It is nearly all perception and very little equity. It is not in the Moment and it is embedded in the unreality of the past and future.

Changing who we are, changes everything, assuming we realize we are not who we thought we were. When we ‘realize’ who we are, we no longer attach ourselves to the suffering, claiming it is ours. We do not reflexively push ourselves away from reality into unreality.

We are the Moment. The quality of our energy changes. It has to change. We are no longer pushing or grasping, owning or repulsing. We just are this moment, and the next moment. The energy is, profoundly different. This is often motivation enough to let go and Be effortlessly.


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