Watch those soldiers.

GP2C1234Let it go.  We need to stop clinging to the pattern, that is, our pattern of response (which is probably reaction-based).  Will the world implode if we do not react?  Test it out and see if it does.  We already know it will not implode. What will implode, is the ego and internal ideas.  

We are NOT our thoughts.  To get this, we must see our thoughts.  We slow everything down, breathe, and watch our thoughts file through, like soldiers to some battle.  They keep coming, we keep watching.  

Watch out for narratives to build and carry us away.  We lose our bearing and our awareness slips.

It starts here, in this Moment. We start here, NOW.  Honing the awareness through constant practice will redefine the ‘you’, where the mind is easily distinguished from the Self, resulting in clarity of Self. 


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