You Know What You Don’t Know

You know don’t you?

In my conversations with random people concerning spiritual matters, it has always been intuited to me that others do know.  They know but they forgot.  It sounds like this idea is just being made up to please the other person.  Inwardly, when coursing the Moment, it really is the truth.  And it is verified by one’s own experience.  If we give our higher self a chance, the information really is there, deep within.  IT is hampered by the ego/mind.  And in this pursuit one must know the difference between the energy of the ego/mind and the energy of the Being state.  The quality is marked and pronounced and completely different.  Without going into all the differences, the Being state is nonjudgemental, quiet, and seccure versus all the typical issues of the ego/mind.  Typically the ego/mind wants to dominate and often overshadows the Higher Self with its ostentatiousness and need for control.  The showboating and need to impress reveals the fictitous ego.  When you ‘see’ the difference you can effortlessly lean towards the Self and become who you really are all the time.  “Seeing” must be active to effect this shift in consciousness.  Seeing (awareness)  is consciousness. So this exercise in itself produces the awareness which is the hallmark of wisdom.  Wisdom is never a thing that someone gives you.  It is a built-in characteristic that often is unkempt and repressed.  IT is always there.  So wisdom is like your window being cleaned (maybe by someone else) and you start to see the treasures you have within.  IT was always there.  You just couldn’t see IT.  IT is there now, especially NOW.  Being in the Moment is hanging out in the right conditions of less ego and more awareness.  The Moment is the right time zone for you to communicate and call to Yourself and get the answer You were looking for.  Peter Drucker said managers do the tasks correctly and leaders do the right things.  Similarily, wisdom is not the ‘book’ knowledge but the way to do the right things in conformance with the harmony of the universe.   Daddy’O

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