Do Not Listen To Anything I Just Said.

Do not listen to anything I have said.

It means nothing.  It means nothing if it is just something that is said.  It is when we employ what we know (or say) in our lives that meaning has begun to be established.  Test it out.  Direct experience is where it all happens.  The level of thought is only the level of thought.  That is not reality.  Thought is not reality.  Thought is not even the doing.  Action is where the rubber hits the road.  It crystallizes what was thought and actualizes meaning.  This ‘doing’ is important but also has limited meaning  when done without consciousness.  It’s kinda like doing things without thinking or even better, like doing things without mindfulness.  Impulses, archetypes, prejudices, attitudes, habits are all barriers to direct experience.  This conditioning is programming that may as well be done by Microsoft.  And when the programming crashes we wonder where it came from, dah.  Have we not updated our software of our habitual existence?  Or have we mindlessly poked along with dated ideas and limited capacities?  
So it is imperative to listen and hear deeply, other models of being so that we can challenge ourselves to see the glitches in our self-designed interpretation of reality.  Are we getting closer to the direct experience that is beyond the drag of old paradigms and habitual thinking?  Can we see our own barriers to our own progress moment by moment?  Do we understand that even reading this now, it takes more than a shrug of yea or nay to overturn our patterns?  Are we ready to test out with full commitment, an alternate way of being?
Don’t listen to anything I have just wrote.  Test it out, thoroughly with >50% commitment.  Otherwise it is just nice talk.  Nice talk, if I may be so bold, is not the energy that you have been looking for in this life.  Daddy’OImage

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