Woody Allen is a Hollywood director that makes films in sometimes peculiar ways.  In particular his style reflects not confiding the many details of his script to his actors until it is time for them to be involved. This appears to be a technique that  would probably prompt the actors not to overthink their role and their importance in the creation of the film.  It certainly has the element of ‘uncertainty’ present.
The end result is often a memorable production and product.  

When we are pondering the regular decisions that we have to conclude, we often search out other opinions within ourselves and with friends whom we can confide in.  The truth is often difficult to discern.  Uncertainty of the factors involved, plays havoc with a clear path.  Certainly, reason and discrimination play an integral part in this play.

 But are we looking in all the right places for all the right answers, is the $64,000 question.  Probably not -at least not all the right places.  How about Woody Allen?  Maybe he would know?  Well why don’t we ask him?  What he will tell us is to just play your part and do not even think about what other actors are doing in their particular roles.  He would tell us that we do not need to know anything more than what he is going to tell us Now.  Predicting the future in this regard, would help ruin our performance in this play of our life.  Woody Allen will not want to ruin his own film.  

This is a rule that is really never broken (for our own good).  Once we start concentrating too much in the future, we compromise the fragility of the Present.  Once we are given instruction from the Woody Allen within, we can fully, 100%, give our best performance.  We can virtually win an academy award for Being in the Moment in this play of life.  The actor’s invaluable tool of Awareness is then available to see the scene correctly and perform our role flawlessly.

Awareness will listen to the director within and take the instruction so to traverse the uncertainty that this life constantly offers.  An actor can properly conduct himself/herself infinitely better with input from the Director, than just the pretense of ad libbing his/her way through the scene.  When you know, then you know, is the feeling you get when you listen to the Director.  Ad libbing may ‘seem’ right but if it is not connected to the film it is certainly not connected to the Director.

The Director may give general direction but the parameters of your character are laid out.  There will be room for inimitable style and flair but the direction is clear and unambiguous, otherwise it is not from the Director.  It is probably energy that is more closely associated with the ego/mind.

 Listen to the silence of the Director within and hear the aside given, that has as it’s characteristic, deep stability, fullness, and full integration with the whole universe.  

‘Be’ first, then do.  Connect and see the Silence always.  


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