The individual entity (Jiva) is Divinity (Brahman) seen through the limitations of primal ignorance.

                    Sathya Sai  October 9, 1964

In the developing light of increased self-awareness, we begin to see more clearly what impairs us from seeing everything without bias.  The senses, as is the mind/ego, are the usual obstacles in the path. Our infatuation with the senses is at odds with what we believe is real and worthy of further investing.

This is not to say that we cannot enjoy the life we are embedded in and the life where we have made commitments to family and others. It is also imperative to say that to do the same pattern and expect to enjoy different fruits, albeit, spiritual ones, is preposterous as well as it is common.

So what are some of things we must elementally do to pop out of this trail to quiet desperation and failure to achieve some basic realization?

See the Silence, Be the Moment, constantly.  Awareness, and particularly, our awareness of Self, is the expectation of minimal effort to get there. Confronting this “primal ignorance” of where we are ‘not’, cannot happen without a transformation in our process.

This is also ‘but a thought’. Seeing it as just ‘thought’ is the beginning of Seeing more. When we see it as mind-based, we start to see that we are not mind, not thoughts, and not senses.  The lack of progress will remain a lack of progress unless seen more fully through awareness.  The effort in this case is not really effort as much as Seeing more legitimately.

So how do we know if our awareness is being faked for pompous reasons, or is the real McCoy?  If the sentient and ephemeral continue to dominate our existence with egoic and reactive knee-jerk energy that has self-serving outcomes, we are probably still operating out of conditioned unawareness.

When we accept the fullness of our patterns, especially the egregious ones, with an honesty that nothing is hidden and we are not afraid of seeing the ugliness abiding within, then we will be able to really see.  We shall engage our patterns further seeing how they continue to control us like a dog.  We must be willing to see everything at it’s ugliest and most resistant, and accept that fully before we can step out of it all.  

There is no BSing here.  When we have accomplished this monumental task for all patterns, the patterns will continue to bob and weave but they will no longer affect us like they used to when we actively resisted them.  When they come, and they will come, we can view them as teachers and friends (no resistance) reminding us how to to Be and how not to be.  Their insistence on our reacting, is muted.  We see the folly and the slavery of doing their bidding.

Quantum seeing, in full escalation of previous patterns, with witnessing as the more important outcome, is where it goes.  When we get a little space between who we think we are (thoughts,mind, ego, other’s opinions), our patterns and behaviors, we can get the Silent piece.  

This is where there is no glittery parade. This is where you are forever. It is the space where infinity abides and the potentiality for anything to become.  

Awareness can ‘see’ it. Awareness is the most powerful tool in the universe, inner and outer.  It is who we are at the deepest level.  The Moment is the expressway to getting there, there in the depth of Silence.  The Moment is the full reality to have the fullness of Awareness present. Awareness does not abide in the unrealities of the past and the future.  

Utilize the Moment to engender the Awareness, to engender You, to see, fully in any situation.  Be the Silence. See the Silence.

It is worth a shot to make the connection.  Jon making the call at Black Rock City.
It is worth a shot to make the connection. Jon making the call at Black Rock City.

Enjoy the Moment.  It is infinitely better than the alternatives.  Choose wisely.


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