What is fear?  What is feared?  Who is fearing? Why fear?  Why fear when you don’t have to fear?  What does fear do?  Can we look closely and see fear?  Is fear constant?  Is fear integrated, natural and binding?  If we think that we really know ourselves at any other than a superficial level, then should we not have answers to these questions?

In the course of our everyday lives, we accept certain commodities of emotions and feelings that come with out territory of normality.  Some of that acceptance may be washed daily, all of our lives, to the point that awareness does not have a chance to see the abnormality of it all.

We are conditioned just like Pavlov’s dog. Although fear can have a useful and productive life where utility in survival is paramount, it usually occupies a more sordid space.  

In the former thought of utility, fear still does not have to be overpowering to the point of debilitation. When that overpowered state slams us, we fall apart.  In a life/death circumstance it is the ‘cool head’ that does not collapse, give up, or acquiesce to the onslaught.

Certainly, everyone has some story of individuals coming through hellish circumstances.  Fear did not overpower these individuals causing paralysis of action.  So fear, even when appropriate as a ‘normal’ course of human existence, appears to be best applied as a warning system, not a way of life.   When it is integrated inappropriately in our lives to the point of having no utility,  fear becomes dominant, irrational, and pointlessly reactive; it supplants the rational mind and the connection to greater consciousness.  

Given a natural need to evolve as human being, we may pursue the expansion of consciousness from the little self with little petty desires to a more sustainably unified connection to all beings.  IF we have not properly seen our debilitating fears that have haunted us tirelessly throughout our life, we will not evolve due to this energy pulling us back into the darkness.

Fear like any emotion can be observed, fully.  In full awareness, complete observation occurs. There is no hiding out at all, ever, in awareness, unless we compromise it.  As a quick point, when we go into the unrealities of the past or future (which we do constantly) then we shall always compromise our level of awareness.  This copout can be moderated by constantly beckoning the Presence of the Moment.  It is the only suitable reality for ‘seeing’.  

Fear needs the full-strength dose of the Moment to undercut it’s hold on us.  And if we have been doing this ‘fear’ for all of our lives, then we certainly need full-strength constancy in the beauty of the Moment.  The light of the Moment has the intensity to fill in the darkness and expose our hiding out.  If we know that we are that light, that stability of Being, then the light is a friend because it is us, in the deepest sense. More light, more Moment, is more integration of the self to where we begin to See more and react less when fear shows up.  

Go to where fear is least exploitive and least powerful.  It is the timezone of Now where this meeting ideally takes place.  It is the timezone that is to our distinct advantage to have fear dissipate itself with all its toxicity.  To meet fear in the unrealities of past or future timezones, is to give fear an advantage and probably a win.  Practice the eternality of the Moment, the only space/time that can heal fully and expand our consciousness to the infinity that it Is.  

Peace always, Daddy’O

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