“The mystery of life is not a problem to solve but a reality to be experienced.”  Aart van der Leeuw
In the pursuit of self-knowledge, we tend to use the tools that we have always used.  We tend to use the processes we are most familiar with in previous explorations of knowledge.  In this pursuit the mind has less of a role and ultimately must get dumped to pursue the reality of the Self.  Awareness of the mind is critical in this juncture as it allows a distinguishing to occur between ego, mind, thought, and witness state.  Mind’s utility is for launching in the world not for ultimate ‘seeing’.  The tool of awareness is the choice for getting past all that.   And getting past all that, is necessary because ‘all that’ is not who we are.  Of course, we are the Awareness. Usually, the ‘doing’ is what the mind is best at.  We, especially us guys, want to fix things.  This is often our first response.  It is addictive unless tempered by ‘seeing’ the reaction.  Just as in therapeutic models of intervention where there can not be only one way for everyone to facilitate change, there can not be the overclocking of the mind to do and fix everything.  If we have no other modality to go to, what do we go to?  If we have used the mind/doing/fixing thing for everything else we probably believe that there is nothing else as good.  Stuck, yeah stuck, if we believe that thought without an attempt to ‘see.  And results are not forthcoming, at least not in a substantive way. Control is also another aspect of the above trap.  In this case it comes up because in order to pursue the alternative, ‘control’ becomes a problem.  It is not only unnecessary but blocks the energy we are looking for in our life.  Letting go of control,  seeing the effortlessness of not trying to ‘do’, unblocking and unlocking our patterns of process, in order to open up to the subtleness of Being the backdrop and not the parade, allows  the power of Self to be, to really experience.  It’s junking the tired patterns we carry around all day long, everyday. Liberating ourselves from ourselves is everyone’s problem.   Unity with direct experience versus believing and reacting to thoughts is process liberation.  Freedom from attachment, especially attachment to so-called ‘good’ ideas, is an area to ‘see’.  It may reveal other agendas that are our blindspots and result in a lockdown due to not progressing past some idea of how it should be.  Reality ‘Is”.  The process of letting go and letting Reality, versus attachment, can allow us to be more free from ourselves.  This is where we truly own nothing and Are everything.     Daddy’O

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