It is said that the Tao that can be named is not the Tao.  Can we say that the obstacle in the path is not really an obstacle?

Often what we resist has to be more precisely delineated to really understand what needs removal.  In thinking about the task of writing this blog, the thought came, what would I write about?  Then the question, what am I resisting?  Am I resisting the thing that I am writing about, in the Moment?  What is being resisted is the dynamic element in the universe, i.e. uncertainty.  If we resist the central piece of how this game is being played, then we are certainly defeated by an obstacle we put in front of our own evolution.

 The thought of ‘what’, first, is just a thought.  The conclusion of it not happening a certain way is a conclusion in a false time zone.  A future planned event had not yet occurred, yet a conclusion was elicited that made it perhaps untenable.  This was not the real time for the event.  An obstacle of uncertainty is not an obstacle unless we make it so.

Uncertainty is compellingly necessary to motivate us to play this role.  If we insert ourselves in front of common everyday tasks we do, how much of the difficulty and lack of effortlessness, is really us?   A question to look at when encountering obstacles, is what is behind the resistance and/or what is behind the first superficial negative emotion that is contributing to our malaise?

This is of course assuming we have not locked down the generally irreversible path of ‘reaction’ that typifies many of our hard-wired patterns. Monday morning quarterbacking, in the latter case, would be the ticket to regroup our bandwidth of resources.  Ideally, awareness of the Moment, in a moment by moment context, would facilitate a pre-game analysis of what was just about to happen.   Getting ‘caught up’ is a common occurrence and unfortunately makes us too predictable in the wrong way (by our own estimation as well as others).  Our reaction to ‘people’, situations, time, events and life in general is most often not the first tier of emotions we are eliciting.  There is most often at least another tier or two in back of the emotion we are ‘facing’.  So that would mean our awareness needs to hone down and sharpen itself to ‘see’ tirelessly.  Yeah, there really is that much stuff.  If we can get caught up in our constant integrated awareness, moment by moment, instead of getting caught up in our traditional patterns, we would see immediate large-scale progress on the path.

As with most achievement, this one starts with initial steps and commitments to doing or Being different from our ‘old’ selves.  The mind is strictly a tool for our use. Know that.  An untrained mind will run amuck in one’s life obstacle-making and distracting from our soul’s code.

Use the Awareness to Be and then to see the mind, the thoughts, and the ego.  Invest more time with Awareness to know the Moment and its elements that play along.  Ideally, there is no time we are not seeing.  See past the initial fog to the source of our own conflicts and struggles, much of which we really own.  See all the drama before the drama takes us in and devours us.  Be preemptive with Awareness to preclude our obstacles and the subsequent destruction.  The Source is as empty as a projection screen.  Be that Tao.  Always.  Daddy’O

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