Why are we making any effort to get to a place of finding ourselves, when that place where we think we are not, is really an illusion? We are looking for a place that is difficult to find because we are already at that place, now.  We are using processes that are inappropriate because they are filled with unnecessary effort.  That effort is ourselves getting in the way of ourselves.  

When we meditate, when we ‘Be’, when we ‘See’, when we are ourselves in the most ultimate way of authenticity, we do not need ‘to do’ anything.  All of the above occurs in the proverbial Moment.  It cannot occur in any other timezone.  It requires full reality, not compromised mind games and not even the mind itself.

The error is ‘thinking’ we have to do something.  This process of doing something is self-created interference to us being who we are naturally. Meditation just ‘Is’ because we just ‘Are’.  When we look for the ‘Are’ we are essentially looking for the sun which is ubiquitous.  All this layering is a separation that we create.

To do nothing is not entirely right.  ‘Being’ is first.  It always is first.  It is ‘The’ connection.  Being connects us to “The” energy.  When we are informed, we Know.  Struggling versus effortlessness, pushing versus Seeing, doing versus Being -these opposites are the keys.  We must play this game while being connected to our Director.  Then we act and perform as the role demands.  This is the consciousness we need always and every Moment.  It is available right now.

 Your ‘worthiness’ or any other mind condition has nothing to do with it.  That is mind.  Mind doesn’t count here.  Stop with the bs mind by seeing the mind away, constantly.  This is what needs to be done.  Awareness is who we are.  The more we practice seeing every Moment, the more powerful our awareness becomes.  Or would you rather see our investment go to the mind, like it has been for pretty much all of our lives?

Consciousness is sustained by constant integrated awareness.  What is going on in the interior on a moment-by-moment basis is imperative. Check that, in every Moment.  Are we connected effortlessly?  Are we streaming The Stream?  Are we able to see the mind clearly without judgement and reaction? Or are we caught up in the vagaries of our life without the benefit of Connection?  If we feel it is too hard, then it isn’t effortless and we are being given a clue that perhaps the mind, our patterns, or our unconnectedness, is the problem to See.  

“Be the Moment” always, Daddy’O NASA -ANCIENT STARS

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