When we tell ourselves that we think ‘this’, or we should do the ‘other thing’, or this is ‘the way it should be’, what is really happening?  Do we have enough information to even think that we are in control? Is our information solid?Are we in control?  Or are we unknowingly reacting to the slavery of the senses and habitual patterns of operating hour after hour, and day after day?

Is this a preposterous question or what?  We’ve being doing this all of our life and we, by this time, should know what we are doing.  We’re not children.  And, gosh darn it, our parents gave it their best.  

These are reactive responses that are common and defensive.  There is no insight into seeing differently due to constant immersion into a way of life of unconsciousness.   Is there any real satisfaction here?  What does it mean to be in control?   

What would be sad is, if that’s all there is to one’s life, that is, a shallowness of understanding going from birth to death.  And if the celebrations were based in excessive sentient satisfiers with us thinking we are living life well.  Well?!

When we have not spent the time to explore our interior,  yet we get reactive when we are challenged that the ‘normal’ life we live is not good enough,  only underscores the fact that the unconscious responses will overcome the seemingly conscious processes, all the time, but especially when there is an emotional response. 

Control, first of,  is really not the goal although oddly enough that will be one of the outcomes.  Control will transmute into skillful versus unskillful responses.  When we are ‘fully’ integrated into the Self we find control superfluous.  Does the universe try to control everything or does it seemingly effortlessly, Be?

Without Constant Integrated Awareness and the practices associated with Being, we are usually in no position to judge ourselves accurately, let alone others.  If we cannot even see that we are not the random or not so random thoughts our mind generates, and that thoughts are not reality, how can we discriminate anything real?  Reacting to thoughts and emotions associated with thoughts, is the causeway to hell.   Good bye control and objectivity.  Welcome to the life of quiet desperation.  Can we get enough of it?  Is it ever enough?  

Unconscious patterns push us through most of our lives.  Do we have insight into our drivers?  Do we care to even find out if what is driving us is our soul’s code or somebody’s idea of what we are destined to complete?  

See the need.   Is it needy?  Or is it driven by who we really are deeply?  Look at the quality of energy.  Energy never lies due to its “Isness””.  It just Is.  Discerning the quality of energy requires quiet, honest evaluation with clear awareness.  We cannot be hopped up on the drugs of reaction, judgment, and need to dominate.  Once those are abated, the room for awareness and the time of ‘Now’ will allow informed decision-making to take place.  

All decisions have impact.  Our choices are ideally in the clarity of the Moment.  Decide to Be in the Moment and make every decision an informed decision.  Then we have lived deliberately and without regret.  Our soul’s code can be met without the pushing energy of control.  Daddy’O

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