Or is it push hard until we get what we want and then settle for the compromised state of mind/Being/Consciousness?  

So if we try to have this effortlessness process of energy transformation then what happens?  Well, ‘try’ is an operative word.  And this ‘try’ sentence or style of thinking, becomes the death nail.  We are putting ‘trying’ in front of effortlessness.  This means we are subtracting from this effortless state.  Actually we subtract and add.  We subtract the freedom of movement and ease of life.  We add the struggle of ‘doing’ it all, just by how we approach our process.  

There is no ‘try’ in effortlessness.  We pollute it when we add it.  But don’t we try to do most everything?  How often in a day can we ‘be’ effortless?

Effortlessness is a process but it also is an outcome of “Being”.  Much like judgment is not indigenous to mindfulness or higher levels of awareness.  If we try not to have judgment, if we try to be effortless, then we reduce our efforts to less than desirable outcomes.  

Awareness, preferably, constant integrated awareness, is the ticket. Awareness allows us to see without interfering.  Interfering is where we inject the wrong element in a perfect masterpiece.  When we back off enough to see more clearly we see the bogusness of effort (and trying) in too many situations.  Yeah, of course we must do and put out effort.  However, we overdo this, as we know, because we get into the way.  How many times are our actions ‘the problem’?  Too many.  How many times are we responding to our ‘thoughts’ to do things?  We really have not examined ourselves enough to know why we did what we did. Yeahhhh.

When the greatest enemy is ourselves and we fight the greatest fight each moment, we forget who we are fighting.  If we are fighting ourselves most of the time should we not see it, and then not react and over clock ourselves?

When we are sufficiently aware of who we are, when we are sufficiently aware of the clear marker called ‘effortlessness’, then when we experience effortlessness or not,  it becomes a big clue as to how we are handling our Being state.  Use the presence or lack of effortlessness to see where we are at, at any moment. There are no vacations for awareness if we are talking real stuff.  It ‘ Is’ just like you ‘Are’.  We use ‘effortlessness’ to help us see and remind us to see.

Be that awareness constantly allowing the greater freedom of effortlessness to abide in day-to-day activities.  Being comes first always. Connect first, remain connected, using awareness while reducing unnecessary trying (another aspect of attachment and interference).  Then the  task can be accomplished.  This may be obvious but practice says otherwise.  All this is happening on the interior. 

 Our approach to the job of life is as different as each individual.  Our uniqueness will not be changed as much as our alignment with the entire universe.  Be effortlessly, always.  Daddy’O

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