Which reality are we choosing every Moment?  Believe it.  We are making a choice every Moment.

As a practical exercise try the following.  We have a desire and we would like to fulfill the desire.  This is not a huge desire.  It should be a desire that is easily consummated.  If it’s too big it will probably overwhelm you.  But the question comes in, in how we do it or process it.

Do we just push ahead like we always do and make it happen?  Or are we willing to try another approach that has effortlessness and ease associated with it? We are so used to pushing our way through life it is difficult to do the latter.  This is harder than it looks. We essentially have the universe do the ‘how’.  We sit back and let it happen.  We have the desire in either case.  When we acknowledge that the universe can and will handle it, we acknowledge the fearlessness of all that.  We do fear giving up control.  Without ‘our’ control we do not think we can achieve things.  Is this not a pattern in our life?  Are we able to look at this pattern, and See?  If not, just resume the life and its patterns without giving it any more consideration.

However, this is the exercise.  When we make a commitment to let the Universe do our ‘how’, we submit our control.  Fear and distrust of the Universe show up.  How we can proceed, is to continually ask ourselves the question; do I trust the Universe?  We ‘know’ from ‘knowing’ that this trusting is essential.  Not getting past this is, is not getting past ourselves.  

Proceed with caution and awareness; constant integrated awareness.  We ask the ‘trust’ question until we feel liberated from our pattern of believing. And then we continue to ask the question as a reminder to who we Are.


What happens when we perseverate on this constantly in our mind (asking “Do I trust the Universe?”) the bigger question beyond the desire, shows up.  Do I trust the person who I just passed?  Do I trust that the car will start?  Do I trust that I’ll make it home alright?

Questions like this are implicit as a result of searching for trust in the Universe to consummate our little desire.  When the designated desire shows up because it is a desire, we use it as a reminder to see where our allegiance is – is it with the powers of the Universe or is it in our purview, to handle?  If we can’t trust the Universe, we need to see that, because its possible that we have not clearly seen it before.  Wherever we are, we must see it.


Doing this exercise yields deep information about our relationship moment-by-moment with the Universe and with ourselves.  If we see the efficacy of flowing with the Universe like a Tai Chi master, then we need to look at this spot.

So many times during the day we are coursing garbage thoughts and useless ideas.  It is with the idea of supplanting this tripe that the utility of this exercise makes sense.  If we are truly on the path, should we not be excelling at mining the gold we are looking for in life? Not finding time for this type of search is truly a statement for the sadness of our plight.  Spirituality, as Gandhi stated, is not for the weak.    

The answer to the above question, given adequate time to the exercise, is ideally, that we Are the Universe. This answer tells us that we trust our higher Self due to the fact that that is all that really exists.

To answer ‘no’ is to acknowledge our failings of Being, which is great.  This is an opening for change.  

To answer ‘yes’ is to acknowledge that there is still a dualistic thinking process still going on.  We underscore our distinction from the Universe.  This is good if we understand this and then move on from there. All answers are stepping stones to spiritual progress, assuming this is what is desired.  To want another answer other than the one that really arrived, is to want from the spiritual materialism bandwagon. This result is not desirable but also yields good possibilities for moving on with more awareness.

Awareness in all, at all times is essential.  Use petty desires as reminders of where our commitment lies at any Moment.  Using loaded desires for challenges that we resist letting go of at all, requires success at the ‘easy’ stages.  Every Moment is different because we have not fully stabilized Ourselves with The Energy. We are investing too much in the vagaries of the world and not enough in our Souls.  See where we are not and we will see where we Are.  


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