I am NOT going anywhere right now!
I am NOT going anywhere right now!



Are we heading off to “enlightenment”? Are we going some place better than where we are now? Do we know what this ‘place’ is?  Do we even know where we are “now”?

So many questions so little time?!  Is the amount of time so little because we are not making progress every moment? Are we struggling again? Or are we already there, Now? 

How many moments have we squandered running around in circles?

Can we do something different this time, this Moment?

If we really see our treadmill existence as flawed in the sense that it does not fulfill our deeper connection to Ourselves, we must choose another stream of consciousness.  But how so? 

The trust we put in our daily grind of a plan of being is misplaced.  We must see it.  We must not continue to engage in it blithely going through our days.  If it is flawed, why do we persist in enabling complacence?  

Instead, the option of recognizing our pattern first is desirable, with the idea that now this pattern has finished and we are proceeding forward retooling our existence.  Since our overworked pattern of habitual unconsciousness is ‘sticky’, we use the ‘stickiness’ to constantly remind ourselves of its futility.

Awareness, constant awareness, is the key to success.  So when we settle ourselves and see that we are still treadmilling in the same place, we now understand that it means more now.  It is now a siren for us to snap out of it and stream something different.  This process may continue for a spell giving the amount of constancy we have given it.  Upending it, we use caution so as not to ‘push’, creating the struggle, which will defeat us.  The struggle is replaced with ‘seeing’ effortlessly.

“Seeing” is who we are.  When we stop seeing we engage in the lesser vehicle of ego/mind. “Seeing” is our hero, our champion.  It is truly us. Given the above, how do we stream something better?  How do we find this thing when we don’t know WTF it is? 

“Seeing” continues, especially in times of uncertainty and the unknown.  Seeing is our most powerful tool.  The reality Is that we are really already there Now.  The Now puts us in the strongest position to accept the deep energy that is us, always.  There is no place to go, there is nothing to do. Going and doing in this case are efforts that are misplaced.  There is no pushing to something better. Pushing will push you away from the goal that is You.   

The problem comes in ‘in letting go’. What do we let go to?  We let go to uncertainty.  But uncertainty is unstable, full of change and trepidation.  Love the uncertainty. Yeah, and we can love fear too!?

Yes, In order to get to the stability of permanence and ‘knowing’, we must accept the ‘uncertainty’ factor of this transient life.  It truly is transient despite our daily denials. The certainty that we have is knowing that we are already cooked beautifully.  There is nothing to do that can add to the already ‘full’ me.  We are at the plenum of fullness, Now.  This is about as certain as we can get.  Question is, do we Know ‘It’?  

Instead of trying to make certainty out of the transience of our life, we would better place our energies into ‘seeing’ the certainty of who we really are, always.

This is the stream we can choose.  It is a choice, but not really.  Not really because it Is.  When we choose the disconnected self, we choose the stream of unconsciousness and disconnection. This is where the choice comes in. When we ‘see’ more, we see that we do have a choice and that choice has already been made.  Yes, and we have disconnected from it, much like a WIFI signal.  

Get your WiFi on.  It’s like bad reception.  We can pretend that everything is alright.  But  having a clear signal (stream of consciousness) is the ticket to getting all the information that you can possibly get. Be The Moment. Stream that.

This Iz Daddy’O 

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