We are pots of energy, boiling over with desires.  Seeing; our wants, desires, likes/dislikes, preferences, goals, attributes boiling away, in a pot called ‘me’, is a little more like reality.  IF we take that deep look at ourselves during meditative practice, perhaps we can witness ourselves ‘ that’ separately  to even consider the above notion.  IF we cannot, can we see the ‘not seeing’ of it?  

Seeing our desire to do good, to become better, to impress, to lead, to dive into the ideas of life, without the connection to ‘Being’, is nothing more than a notion.

The ‘connection’ is just another idea.  The knowledge of self is just another idea. Awakening drips down to just another idea.  The knowledge that we are a construct is just another idea.  Can we ‘know’ ourselves deeper than ‘just another idea’? 

To understand, that we are a ‘construct’, remains just an idea and does not really change who we understand who we are until we understand that the ‘construct’ thing really is nothing more than an aggregation of who we think we are.  Only when we see it and witness it as nothing more than any ‘other’ aggregate of ideas, do we begin to see the emptiness of who we think we are.  The ‘thinking’ thing nearly always gets in the way. 

What we are talking about here is the ‘direct experience’ of this idea of a ‘construct’.  Removal of all identification of self while witnessing this brand called ‘me’ is what we are talking about here.  If it feels personal than it is, buddy.   

Objectively seen, it means nothing more than possibly a role we are playing in this cosmic game called life.  We have justified our reality with pomp and circumstance, the importance of being earnest, and the yelling and screaming of how right we are, all the while not realizing that it is just a script in this play called life.  

How different would it be if we did not take ourselves so seriously?! Seriously!   

Today’s Chicago Tribune had an article about the Alexander Technique, a natural methodology of postural change to effect large-scale change in daily use of the body.  Marian Goldberg is quoted as saying the following.  “It’s about nondoing.  It’s about not doing your habits, learning to do less.  Most things are about learning to do more.”

“Nondoing” is the same process here, necessary for more successful evolution of Self.  And not ‘doing’ your habitual unconscious patterns, is the little self that perennially gets in the way.   

Seeing ourselves to include our ingrained patterns of our daily grind, is essential.  The pots are boiling over.  It is not like we don’t have enough opportunity.  

If we look at our ‘drivers’, maybe we can get that glint of light to leverage out of our own way.

In a Moment of quiet and contemplation, perhaps we can evaluate a single desire to determine what the percentages are in terms of energy directed to witnessing versus energy directed to being driven (by the desire).

Look at the numbers.  {Oh, we have to be more honest now.}  If this desire has ‘zero to less than 50%’ awareness, we are failing with the ’seeing’ thing.  In other words, if we can’t see it, we can’t change it with awareness.  The ‘desire’ is winning constantly and we are its victim.

On the other hand, when we reach levels of >50% where awareness is there more than it isn’t, then Hallelujah!  We got religion here. There is no fake it till you make it, BS here. We have fooled ourselves long enough. This level of awareness is for the serious seeker whose ego/mind is no longer the dominant force in one’s existence.

The trap in the above is that we do not want to appear as losers, because the ego doesn’t want to be diminished.  But hey, its a trap. Don’t fall for that jive.  If we are below the threshold of optimal use of awareness, its no biggie because we can always invest more.  To pretend, to react, basically, to not see, would be the same problem. See that!

Seeing is the most powerful tool available for our road to integration with others and the entire universe. We are not the separate egos we ‘think’ we are. See the investment in the boiling pots of what we ‘think’ is our lives. Undo and invest in the Moment with the premium product of awareness to Be effortlessly.  

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