The Four Noble Truths heralded by Bhudda centuries ago, are a good starting point for starting any path to higher consciousness.  The first three Truths are universal and applicable to all beings.  The 4th Truth is concerned with skillful method and practice.  This Truth too has validity.  However, it is not the only path up the mountain.  Other paths, even undelineated ones, may have individual validity in achieving self-actualization.


The vehicle, or yana, that we use is the critical question.  The consciousness of believing we are an ego locked up in a body that is separate from others, is pervasive.  And this yana has proven its failure in our lives as well as untold billions of people.  This vehicle has been sold to us as ’the’ vehicle we need to survive and thrive. It is hopelessly untenable for the journey of life.  Yet we cling to it and cling from using it, both.  We steadfastly refuse to let go.  


We cling and we cling some more until we die.  Alas, what a wasted life we led, in terms of what might have been.  Did we terminate the vasanas that we were recycling daily for all of our lives?  Did we give only with reward and concern for ourselves?  Did we fear every moment that we would be found out concerning our insincerity, our selfishness, our inability to get past our little ideas?  Did we fearlessly follow our real bliss without concern for consequence?


When we come from the separateness that is this vehicle, we cannot see the big picture of Self.  Our mind focuses on ‘one’ area leaving everything else out of focus and unavailable. 

We cling to the process the mind uses to process knowledge.  Outward knowledge is selective to the broad experience of experience. When we think we are the mind, the thoughts, the ego, we have corrupted ourselves through imprisonment via process.  The vehicle has hijacked us.  


The 1st Noble Truth is that there is suffering.  The 2nd Noble Truth is that there is a cause to suffering.  The 3rd Noble Truth is understanding that there can be a ceasing of suffering. And the 4th Noble Truth concerns an alternative vehicle to use in order to cease the suffering.


So dump the old, tired, rundown, vehicle of quiet desperation and fear for a brand new way of doing things that has ancient bearings. The ceasing of suffering comes about relative to our attachment and cathecting to people, things, ideas, and processes. 


Suffering is based on an insatiable thirst created by the distance we have from our True Self. This addiction, grasping, hoarding is based on the false idea of separateness.  The separateness/suffering/ thirst is derivative of non-seeing.  We do not have the complete picture because we are using the wrong process.  We thirst to reduce our suffering while counterproductively keeping a tight grasp on an illusory incompetent idea of control.  It is as if we need to dominate everything to have our way. 


 Our pushing,controlling, grasping energies only generate more separation.  Actualization of this (gasp!) idea is “I am all alone.  There is noone to help me.”  When in fact this is an illusion.  The nature of life and the universe is unity in the diversity.  Realization of this, is that it Is Now, whether we ‘believe’ it or not.  It is the permanent condition that is also our connection to our greater Self.

Anxiety will continue to persist if we continue to ’try’ rather than ‘see’ effortlessly.  Nirvana is letting go.  Clinging is the trap that catches us all the time.


Nishkamakarma is the concept/practice of not being attached to anything and giving all praises and benefits to the universe.  Not holding, means not cathecting energy to come back to us.  This in turn means that we can be in the world but ready to let go of any pleasures or suffering immediately without creating a narrative of how life was good or bad.  Its our action not our reaction that counts. This would be the 3rd precept. 

The final Truth is essentially acting skillfully versus unskillfully.  This is summarily laid out in Buddhism as the 8 fold path.  However, everyone’s path is very unique and may work better in another vehicle.  The issue is movement with vidya or knowledge obtained from the understanding and actualization of the prior 3 precepts.  

Happy Thanksgiving.  This Iz Daddy’O.  

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