Cassini Saturn


 cassini cosmos

How can I test out of ‘my funk’?  Can I graduate this hot mess?!  What is it that I can do in a more direct, palpable way, that has more than a correlation, but is evidentiary, in changing my status?  


In order to see where we are, it is absolutely necessary to determine the measurements we need to use.  Measurements being, awareness and the tacit ‘knowing’ acknowledgement of where we are at this Moment.


After using the awareness that does not have anything added to it, we pursue the unequivocal assessment of where we are with our conditioning and patterns of long-standing behavior.  Basically, clearly seeing where we are stuck.  Superficial observation of the plagues that reduce our consciousness may not be enough.  It is imperative to utilize the awareness to the degree that our investment is greater in the awareness than it is in the presumed reward of continuing a less skillful behavior.  To just ‘think’  to do it, is not sufficient.


  When there is the resultant feeling or sense, that a ‘separateness’ from this long-standing pain has occurred, perhaps for the first time in memory, then the shift to greater awareness has begun.  The work of ‘seeing’ may gradually increase; again, depending on our moment-to-moment choices of either greater awareness or resumed subjugation to the vasana.


  Attachment is the key that will determine the vastness and scope of the medium of awareness.  Attachment can also ground us to the futility of patterns and conditioning that buttress our ‘stuckness’.  


If and when we attach ourselves to awareness at greater than 50%, we create the ‘mo’ for freedom of movement in getting past the lack of momentum of profitable change in our life.   


The above strategy is presumptuous in that it assumes we have moved from contemplation to preparation to action, on the change we desire.  To get the initial movement on all this change thing, we need to evaluate whether we are even paying attention in the least.  Or are we being dominated unmercifully by our addictions, brain chemistry, and brain circuitry?  Is it that we just don’t care?  Is it perhaps that we feel that we are good enough and satisfied enough, that we do not even see our lower standard of quiet desperation?


Looking at the numbers may help us cognitively see that perhaps we may not be at anywhere close to an optimal performance level of transacting this life.  If we have not tested it out, then we are probably just playing a good game of stagnation and denial.


What percentage of the 86400 seconds in a 24 hour period of time are we really in the Moment (versus being in the false realities of past and present)?  How many times have we smiled with authenticity?  How many ‘beautiful’ moments have we given and received?  Are we still fighting and resisting the universe?  Or are most of our Moments in alignment with the universe?  How many times have we seen our regular patterns come through and not react to them?  How much acting versus reacting have we done in this time period or any time period?


These questions are only a top layer of what must be seen in some way, in order to transmute the mundane and welcome the profound.  There is no tomorrow.  It Is all Now.

This Iz Daddy’O. 

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