Judgment, that is, a lack of, is often associated with the state of mindfulness.  The judgment wheel we possess is such an active mechanism that it is difficult to resist using or probably more appropriately, we cannot stop using.  That wheel spins so quickly and effortlessly. Except this type of effortlessness is not to be esteemed.   It is an effortlessness based on ego/mind not the “Knower”.  


How can we know if we are really being non-judgmental?  Is not our judgment impaired by a lifetime of abuse?!  Yeah! What standards are we using when we say we are being non-judgmental?  Can we even list one standard?  


One way to look more strictly at our attempt to modify our input, albeit, pejorative input, is to use a higher standard.  When we ‘think’ we are disregarding our personal point of view, are we really in the position to know?  Is delusion creeping in stealthily?  Can we upgrade our standard to greatly challenge our hyped-up selves?


Seeing, constantly seeing, has to be there in as great a quantity as we can allow. Otherwise, rampant amounts of delusion shall breech our porous walls.  With that in mind, imagine a movie on your plasma television, playing away.  The real television may broadcast the movie the way it was intended without colorization, commercials, trailers, and FBI warnings.  It is often considered a better experience when we do not add these items to the experience.  Doing so, changes the experience.  


Colorization of Casa Blanca will have a different feel.  Some of us will justify that it is a better experience.   Others will insist that it changes the movie far beyond the intention of the filmmaker and genre. 


When we add anything to the experience of life, we alter it and it may turn out to be a not so wonderful life as Hollywood would make it.


Life Is.  We Are.  Seeing clearly means not polluting the screen of life with the soft drink of our choice, whatever form that may be.  Adding anything is controversial to the Director.  When we are in the throws of the play, on the stage of life, we perform best when we see clearly and that means less mind and ego.  If we add to the scene that is perfectly being performed, we reduce the impact of the whole scene.  Seeing clearly is lost and our performance is less able.  Subsequently, we get panned by ourselves and more importantly, the Universe itself.

Formlessness, namelessness, attributelessness, is the nature of Being. The distinctions we make in sorting it out lead to errors in seeing.  We then look at the drama from only one viewpoint when there is interplay from all viewpoints.  Confusion results and the drama’s storyline is lost. 


Connection  to the Director’s intention of a unified performance using diverse elements yields the knowledge therein.  It is one play. Our over-concentration on the parts misses the intent and wrongfully adds separation where none exists.


Add nothing to the ocean of fullness and formless.  Nothing can be added anyway.  It is already there.  See fully in the Moment. The Formless is the potential for everything, period. We must play our part. Judgment and other ad libs to our mindfulness miss the point.  Listening to the Director versus attaching to the role, yields the knowledge that is paramount. 


This Iz Daddy’O






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