Confirmation Bias

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When we experience our everyday life we often see things that compel us to keep on doing what we are doing.  We see these things often enough to justify the forward motion of what we believe.  The environment is perhaps suggesting to us that we have a confirmation of our path.


For instance, we are convinced that we have to struggle and fight, against others and against ourselves, because those that do not bear down will become losers.  “Just look at that homeless person.  He is sleeping and existing under a bridge.”  And then we see the SNL skit with Chris Farley.  Chris Farley plays the guy who lives in a van by the river serving as an example to youth about how not to do things; how to struggle.


Another example, is to strive to be ‘perfect’.  It  is the mantra of many parents, often done for parental status and gratification.  And when the parent or child (later adult) do not achieve whatever goal is set forth, failure and continued frustration for the future are guaranteed.  But our socialization demands it and we are inspired by others to go on the same journey.  

Since there is plenty of ‘confirmation bias’ expressed by billions, the delusion is grand.


This is not to say that self-improvement is futile.  It is to say that the processes we use in achievement are often flawed and not tested out as being the most appropriate for a given application.  The ‘ why’ of why we are fooled into believing that the process is appropriate, is because so many are doing it this particular way.  


Like the war on drugs is really working great, isn’t it? Incarceration of millions has not helped despite the fact that these people were ‘bad’!?!  We often do what we do because we have never thought about doing it another way.  The ‘everyone’ factor confirms our bias.

And it is easier to go down that worn out path that goes nowhere, than to do something completely different.  Change is a bitch but change is also constant.


Given the above process, the starting point for our lives resides in a deficiency.  We are coming from a ‘lack’.  We source from a root or ground that is unsustainable and insufficient.  Do we see a problem here?  We may not know how to answer that question because it suggests that there is another way.


When we source from the mind or ego, we source from a deficiency.  It is never enough.  If we believe we are our mind, ego, or thoughts, then the above conclusion is true.  We can’t help it because we know no other Source.  Again, a confirmation bias.


We Are It.  There is no ‘need’ to Become. We are perfection and the plenum of fullness, because we always were ‘that’.  Source ‘that’ constantly.


If you ‘accept’ this Source on purpose, you will have done too much and not get it.  “On purpose” is doing the ‘unnecessary’.  Nothing needs to be done.  It just Is. Do not add to the ‘fullness’ that has it all anyway. 


This contrasts with abiding in sloth and doing nothing because “that should be good enough”.  This justification is ‘trying’ in the wrong direction.  There is no ‘trying’ in either direction.  The universe does not like to be forced.  


The space between the two opposites is the saddle point for Being.  We are already there Now.  There is no where else to go.  This part is done.  There is no doing here.  This is where we connect because this is where we are always.  If we do not connect here, we end up chasing our tails.


If we try to run away from our suffering and pursue this El Dorado thang, we keep suffering.  Effortlessly source “The Energy” by seeing, not doing.  The El Dorado thang is right here right now.


Confirming. . .   this Iz Daddy’O.

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