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NASA Galaxy Picture



The Beatles said it, “Let it be, Let it be, Let it BE.”  And it felt so right.  At the time it was a revolution in the streets, a war in Viet Nam, and anger with injustice on the bus and at the counter.  The world and consciousness was adrift with separation.  Those three words cut to the chase for a solution.  However, noone got it.  At least not in the long run.

Language is difficult when culling deeper feelings and meaning.  It is wholly insufficient at the deepest levels of experience.  At best it is a glancing blow.

So it is here.  Those 3 words are iconic not only because of the cutting edginess of the Beatles, but also for the cutting to the chase of what Is.  

Using the word ‘let’ is about as close as one can come to not interfering with things.  It does not command.  It does not push.  Join that with ‘it’, a very open and noncommittal noun, the overplay is avoided.  And finally, give it the perennial verb ‘be’, we are rocking our way to almost touching “It”.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, baby!

So much is said without putting legs on a snake.So much is captured without trying to capture.The melody is in the not doing.  It is in the ‘space’ that is created.  Oh, my God, it is so beautiful.

Keeping all the above in mind, we can explore a ‘non-doing’ exercise that really should not even be referred to as an exercise, due to the artificialness of all that.  This little ‘trip’ cannot be ‘done’.  That would be the wrong process.  Let go, let it Be.

“Let It Space”.  Proceeding with L.I.S., we can begin with letting our selves out of the doing thing, by seeing as much as we effortlessly are able. This vigilance is ideally maintained throughout the Moments we intend to participate in this amorphous structure we are engaging in.  The intention of L.I.S. is to connect with the experience of ‘Being’ effortlessly and without adding our stuff, like we always ‘doooo’.  

See any life form that is available in the Now.  Spouse, stranger, dog, cat, worm, frog; it does not matter.  “The” energy is there in all of any of that.  The form (let go now) is not what matters.  The form is the parade not the substance.  There is no real reason to focus on the form, solely or mostly.  Let the form go.  See the ‘space’ inside the form or around the form, however, we may want to bracket it.  The allowance of seeing the ‘space’ is where it all pops.  Ahh, please, no pushing is necessary, as it is destructive to the process.  

When we look at the space, the space the life energy is taking, it is the first potential.  It is the ‘Isness’.  This is where we see with the effortlessness of who we really are, always.  When we look at the ‘space’ as described above, we do not care about all the jazz of form, like/dislike, big/little, pretty/ugly, ad infinitum.  If we add any of that garbage to the seeing, we lose it immediately.  We are looking at the First Potential and it does not have any of that stuff abiding in it. And there is no good/bad reason to load it up.  ‘See’ away from that contribution.  We cannot contribute to It in this way, anyway.

The First Potential just Is.  Space is like that.  The most important ’thing’ in any room is the space.  But space is usually the last thing we would mention as being important.

Space always comes first.  Space allows for creativity and an infinite bounty of options. It is the cradle of our lives.

Continuing, we see ‘that’ energy of space without contribution and allow our own particular space, i.e. our “The Energy”, to effortlessly connect.  If we ‘try’ to connect we will be summarily kicked back and out. This is an eternal connection that really, really does not need ego to get in the middle of, at any time.  Ego always results in a quick disconnect.  See the ego/mind. Be The “Moment”.

Once we are back to our deepest connection with the universe, there will be nothing that has to be done.  There is no doing here without the constant connection to Self, first .  Abiding in the Now is enough.  It is the preeminent connection we all have always.

As a postscript, after engagement in this experiential tryst, we would review to see if we added anything, including judgment, to the fullness we explored.  If we did add anything, what happened when we did? See.

  Not adding all the usual grist, results in the Zen-ness of truly functional inner feng shui where the energy can flow unabated and cleanly through and between all beings.

Directing one’s energy in this manner consistently (meaning greater than 50 per cent) we embark on “The” journey we were looking for every Moment.



Just let it “Be”.


This Iz Daddy’O.


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