CRAB NEBULABEING LOVE: LOVE BEING Do we know what love is? When we love, where is it we love from? Do we love so the ego swells? Do we see the mind and where it is, when we love? Given the ‘good’ feelings we have when we love, have we even tried to look at ourselves at this glorious time? Or do we know and feel that it is love, so every criteria for being a good person is being met? Is love another opportunity to lose our awareness and hideout under the most noble of pretenses? It is easy to do all that, yes?

Is love acquired and knowledge based? Or is love always there waiting for release from our blockade? If it is who we are and who we are Is, then what? So when we generate this love, where is it coming from? Do we have any control? Is it made artificial when we run this thing called love?

Are the lines between love and self-knowledge really there? In all ‘acquired’ knowledge and love there are arbitrary boundaries. It is the temporal world.

Opening one’s heart facilitates the movement of love and knowledge. Whereas, judgment and the imposition of structures vis-a-vis the mind, gum-up the works.

When we are hit with this love thing, we are willing to go to the “Helen of Troy” modality to move the earth if necessary. Subsequently there often is movement on entrenched positions and ideas.

When our hearts are hardened, our responses are no longer soft. When the pull of our mind is diminished, we can flow with the universe and feel it in our 4th (heart) chakra. Softness in the heart center allows energies to pass with less bias.

Love is often practiced with a base in self or in others, and not in the Being state of just ‘being’. The percolation to this Being state may be facilitated by the lesser two conditional vehicles. When we release the need to control, own, possess, or get something out of love, we embark on a more authentic path of unconditional love.

Purely being love by loving love, without the somebody or something going on, precludes all that judgment and colorization and blurring of the ‘Isness” of it all. The fleeting and the ephemeral, give way to the permanence of the eternal flame of love. The flame that always was and always will be.

Being Love, is Being. Being is Love.

The need to love ’somebody’ or ‘something’ creates the separate and diminished state that does not have the full integration of the unity in the diversity of who we are. And just as we have knowledge that is acquired, we have love that is acquired and not fully sourced from the permanent Self.

What is the source of Love? If the source is the external phenomena, then it is not unconditional love nor ’true’ Knowledge. Knowledge of Self is ‘true’ knowledge. We cannot capture the luster of being in love, with descriptive text. It would be a subset of experience that is incredibly lacking. So with knowledge. Inner knowledge of Self cannot be gleaned through external knowledge. There is no distinction from ‘unconditional’ love and ‘true’ knowledge in that cognitive spheres cannot be forced on to distinguish the energies. That arbitrariness is not relevant here.

The energy of “Love” Is. “Knowing” is “loving”. The separateness we create to discern knowledge from love is the separateness we bring to the table. There is no separateness or breakdown into disparate elements in the Now.

Loving the Love is the Being state. Others may not be loving nor display it in the least. However, all have the basic Source of love that transcends outer manifestations of energy. It is there, where all of us connect, knowingly or unknowingly.

This Iz Daddy’O

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