Accessing the “witness of the witness” is a practice that must be practiced in order to better know the process and experience of knowing.

The ‘Isness’ of it is slicker than STP for those of us that ‘try’ to do it. Meditation, Moment, and constant seeing, are advantages to indulging in this being/seeing state. As natural as It Is, It is far away from what we would consider normal.

When told as to what it is, in terms of what factors need to be present and not present, we understand but cannot perform the natural association of knowing.

Immediately, our mind fills the vacuum we intended for this consciousness. The mind is threatened and responds, as usual. If we have not seen and continue to see the mind and what it is, we will not be able to change our process. Our access point shall be self-limited to what we have practiced through ‘acquired’ knowledge.

If we try, try harder, then it is basically using the mind again, with similar outcomes.

“Over-clocking” the mind is what we have been taught to do. Struggle is a more general term for our plight. Whatever the term, it is beyond terms and beyond the utility of the mind.

Lose the mind without pushing by ‘seeing’, constantly. This means seeing enough to see the mind and seeing where it isn’t.

The hard knowledge is that this ‘witness’ is always witnessing. There is no waiting for It to appear. How could there be?

The removal of self-generated obstacles through ‘seeing’ becomes ‘seeing’ or witnessing. This information is normally (really abnormally) not coming through. It is not like we have to start it up like some program.

Remove the overlays by seeing the overlays we have laid down. And the little ‘we’ is what we are talking about here. Ego is fictitious. The mind is being overplayed and misused. Know that. And ‘knowing’ cognitively is not enough. Know by seeing fearlessly.

Fearlessly means seeing all aspects of self, especially the artificial self, we and/or others have laid down. We must see the stupidity of this rampant slavehood to believing in something that is false as false can be.

Most of us cannot, because we have invested too much, it’s too risky, we don’t want to believe anything else, and we shut down awareness to end up staying where we are not.

Spirituality is not for the weak. There are real decisions we make about where our investments are going.

So given the above, even on a cognitive level, does it make sense to shut down awareness?! If it is ‘yes’, then the denial is do-doo deep. We are afraid to see and therefore we want to ‘not see’. And not seeing is where its at?!

Making the decision to see, to see effortlessly, as if it were happening to someone else, is the mature thing to do. In ‘awareness’ there cannot be anywhere to hide. It Is Awareness.

Let go and enjoy the ride. The roller coaster is a lot more fun that way.

This Iz Daddy’O

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