Photo by Daddy'O circa 1976



What is it that stops awareness in its tracks?  It must be something that is really important and precious to preclude the most important vehicle we own.  Oh, maybe we do not agree that ‘awareness’, that ‘seeing’ thing, is the most powerful medium in our flight up consciousness?


Awareness is who we are, always. Having said that numerous times in numerous posts, does not make it so. And it being said by me, again, means nothing.  It is what we ‘know’. And it is also, secondarily, what the cognitive self knows.  The cognitive, rational mind understands that without awareness of self, the feedback we need to process who we are in our numerous worlds of endeavor, would be nil.


The above argument is done.  We all got it.  But we do not act like we got it.  


So, back to the first question. Why is it we trade this godlike quality we have for specious goods?  Are the goods comparable?  Can we really get something better with this exchange?  Really?!  It worked great upon the  review of any of our past trades?!


Looking at our past trades we will see lopsided energy transfers in quality for outcomes that were always lesser than if we did not trade down. Oh!  We do not relish seeing this history because of all the unskillful things we did. And we lost consciousness when we did not have to lose consciousness (little to no awareness). 


Shame?!  Don’t bother.  Shame will only invigorate the unnecessary.  See.


See in the Moment.  The Moment is the only timezone where we can see clearly with no distortion and unreality present. The past and future are compromised due to the ‘blank slate’ being filled with our junk. 


What we see when we maintain presence is the unskillful futility of losing Presence.  Losing Presence, is losing connection to Self.  Losing connection to Self is everything (lost).  Losing connection to Self is not getting critical information on reality.


Think about it.  When we react, what is the first thing we throw out?  Bingo.  Our most precious good, awareness.  For what?! How many times an hour do we react. Please, let us count one hours worth.  It is shocking!  The results are there.  Are we afraid to count?  Hmmmm?


Do we want to see?  How do we justify our fear of not wanting to see?  Do we see that?    


Tradin’ down is a vasana.  If we do not see it, the vasana abides. Seeing allows us to abide in the Now.  There is no stopping ’seeing’ without stopping who we are. Seeing is constant because who we are, is seeing, always.  


The first thing to ‘see’ is our giving up ‘seeing’.  We may even engage in some unskillful behavior, but did we continue to see it.  Seeing it, changes everything.  Not seeing it, changes things towards the unskillful.


The effortless practice of seeing is us.  Be that.  “Let” it Be. There is no ‘trying’ and there is no ‘not trying’.  It, the practice, Is.


Everything (in the mind’s view) appears to be important.  The mind trumps the Self because of fear of death of the mind.  Lose the mind.  Use the mind and watch out for the mind using Us. When we are in the Moment, the mind is least powerful.  The thoughts created by the mind ARE NOT YOU/US!  Let it go.


Never stop seeing effortlessly. Pushing is unskillful.  You are ‘seeing’. 


The mind is a tool. The patterns of behavior and the thoughts are phenomena that you see.  See your reactions before they rev up to dominance vis-a-vis the mind. Honor awareness every Moment.


This Iz Daddy’O

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