Sai Baba -photo by Daddy'O 1980
Sai Baba -photo by Daddy’O 1980



Being, awareness, bliss, and the unchanging permanence of Truth are one field of consciousness.  It is our analytical mind that divvies up the whole part into sections so maybe we can better understand what is going on. That is, the cognitive mind can process it better through disassembly.


But it is like we ‘think’ we can upgrade the video stream to 4K by manipulating the stream electronically.  It may indeed work for the electronic field. As for the field of consciousness, it may offer occlusion more than elucidation, to break the whole into parts.


Approximations are already there when we try to talk about the ineffable. Moreover, when we take the approximations and work them further, the reference point is often lost.


What to do?!  If we were to increase a factor like awareness, tenfold, while staying our ‘normal’ responses, we may get somewhere.  The reason for this is that the mechanism of awareness is revolutionary for change/adapting to change. Awareness is the perennial witness to the constant called ‘change’.


It is funny. When we increase awareness, we can see more of what is going on. Particularly, we can we can see where we are not.   This seeing of the ego/mind separates us ideally from the debasement of attachment.  That freedom allows a natural blossoming of Self. 


Hence, awareness diminishes attachment and lights our way forward to greater realization of Self. Extinguish the flame of awareness and we reduce our opportunity ‘to Be’ exponentially.


An example to be given:  when there is an awareness of confusion, it is not the state of confusion, but the distinct awareness of confusion.  Confusion without awareness is, like everything else, unconnected.


Connection to Self is real in that it is an alignment with the entire universe. Without this connection and alignment, we are fractured and compromised in all that we do.  The sad part, is that we are used to it to the point of calling it ‘normal’.


Use of the tool called the mind is useful in appropriate fields like rationality and discrimination.  The ‘doing’ piece of the mind is wholly inappropriate to divine the Divine.


Dissection of art, for instance, would not do much for the gestalt of the piece. Looking at the quality of welds would be immaterial to a metal statue’s overall meaning.


The big picture of awareness is there to reference our spotlighting, which we invariably must engage in, in this world.  Awareness keeps us engaged and connected to our universal and permanent source.  The impermanence of local phenomena has a roller coaster feel to it.  It is not suitable for investment in any Moment except for being there in the experience of the Moment.


Who we Are is constantly calling us from time immemorial.  Feel that in the plenum of fullness.  See It, Be It.


This Iz Daddy’O  

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