Having expected effort arise when we drag things, we understand the ‘why’ of resistance. It is to be expected. But why do we drag things that we know are unnecessary, especially when we are in pursuit of this thing called ‘happiness’?

Additionally when we drag things into the present, we recycle our fears, regrets, shame, and countless other ‘badboys’ into our picture we may often mislabel as ‘Now”. This is a consistent theme in our lives.

When we beseech the future ‘before the wine is ready’, we implore the resistance of pulling. Pulling is just another form of pushing. Resistance is inevitable here, as is fear and trepidation, nervousness, anxiety and compromise of Self.

Happiness, the permanent fullness of contentment/bliss, eludes us. It is fleeting and temporary. And it is often misplaced in the past and especially in the future.

The painful pursuit of happiness in the glory days of the past and the great dreams of the future are illusory. Why?!

The problem in the above (past) is the need for continuity, history, understanding, recognition, and connectedness in the present moment. The problem is (future) we need to plan, forecast, visualize, mete-out, and pace ourselves appropriately for the Now. The problem is we need all the above but at the same time it can be a seemingly insurmountable barrier when we habitually ram it into the Present.

Given our own personal account of how we have manifested the past, present, and the future in our lives up to this point, means we have failed an elementary aspect of living. When we deposit vast amounts of our consciousness in the distorted, mangled and unreal ideas of past and future, we cannot but conclude we have lived lives of quiet desperation (at the very least). This is not the ‘normal’ we were looking for in our future.

An additional problem crops up. We summarily lose gobs of awareness, that is, self-awareness. Without undistorted awareness, we do not clearly see ourselves in situ (our natural place). Not being able to sort it out, we make unskillful attempts, stabs in the darkness, at our plight. Softening and distorting this unsettled feeling is the knowledge that everyone, generally, is experiencing the same thing.

The hard reality is that the only reality is the Now. Philosophers and all the other brilliant thinkers acknowledge this. It is really not up for argument. Therapists get it too. Even more convincingly, our own bodies get it.

Let’s go with the ‘bodies’. Does our body say, “Gosh, I should have put less cortisol in the brain 10 minutes ago because now there is too much stress.” Or does it fear the future and say, “Gee, I’m going to need more adrenalin later on so I better start manufacturing some now”.

Too ridiculous, man. Our bodies are our anchors into the Present, always. Our bodies can help us with ‘being’ the Moment. It is effortless for our bodies to Be in the Moment.

It may be helpful to consider the Moment as the timezone where there is always Light, fiercely brilliant Light. The past and the future can be viewed as darkness. The brilliance has faded out long ago and the spark has not yet occurred. Both of those timezones are there in a distorted way.

Light and awareness cannot successfully abide in an unreal setting. Ergo, less light, illumination, and very limited awareness can be present in the past/future. However, the distorted ego/mind frolics under these dim circumstances.

So we have a choice, literally, every moment, to decide what advantages we would like to avail ourselves with; or contrarily, what disadvantages do we want to assail ourselves with. We are always going to have to choose one or the other. Can there be another way?

The grit of constant regret about the circumstances of our life, is a choice for having the past, no matter how recent, to prevail and continue ad infinitum, in our life.

The fear and constant anxiety of not really knowing how things will turn out, is ours on a moment-by-moment basis, when displacing the Present with the future.

It is only in the Now that we can leverage the advantages the universe gives us. When we are allied with the universe, we are flowing. We can see the connections to the past/future without leaving the integrity of the Moment.

Correct ‘attachment is not with what we ‘think’ is important. Our attachment is with the deep connection of who we are always throughout all timezones -the eternal now.

We process life’s phenomena effortlessly and with continual connection to the Isness of who we always were, are, and will be. A successful connection is found in the optimal conditions of the Moment, not in the factories of sweat, toil, and struggle of the unrealities of past/future.

“The” Connection is already permanent and available. See It. Choose It. Be It. We are It.

This Iz Daddy’O

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