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If we do nothing, then we presuppose that ‘nothing’ will occur. When we ‘try’ and arbitrarily ‘make it hard’, we lose our elegance, smoothness, and interfere with the process. What to ‘do’? Or what ‘not’ to ‘do’? This is the question.

George Gurdjieff was an early 20th century seeker who, after his own pursuit of consciousness, obliged others to follow. His path required struggle and could not be given away. This seems to parallel his own path up the mountain. “While knowledge could be given, wisdom had to be earned.”

What is interesting is that it is one path. It is one difficult path. It’s difficulty is overt. Why so? Does it really have to be deliberately hard? Was Gurdjieff, based on his own struggle, limiting himself by singularly using only this process?

If we ‘think’ we need a ‘hard’ path for movement of awareness to greater consciousness, then that is where we are, honestly. We will need this degree of difficulty.

Problem is, it is what we ‘think’ we need and that we ‘feel’ that it should be difficult. If it is ‘not’ difficult then why hasn’t everyone else who does ‘nothing’ achieve it? It therefore must have difficulty otherwise it is a lesser vehicle.

All compelling arguments. All arguments we have used ourselves. Yes?

In the above rants to ourselves, we disfigure reality. We continue to struggle where struggle is not the starting point nor can be. It becomes a struggle against self. We become our worst enemy. This is a tireless adversary. Do we really want to pursue this path? A lot of pushing is involved. Is it all really necessary?

Becoming is without struggle. It already Is. When we use pushing energy we push against the structure of the universe. Do we really believe we can win? Not easily, for sure.

Instead, use the universe to ally with so we do not need to oppose it or overthrow it, or resist what just Is. We do not need to be Gurdjieff to understand this point.

Wisdom is already built-in the Moment of who we are always. If we are already ‘done’ our efforts at getting more ‘done’ really appear more silly. Once we are ‘done’ and we Know, we see the path of effortlessness. We see that putting forth ‘traditional’ doing and struggling is counterproductive to movement toward greater spirituality.

‘Acquiring’ inner knowledge is almost a contradiction in terms. The knowledge was always there, inside us. It is not so much acquired but respected by ‘seeing’ or awareness. Awareness of it versus not having awareness of it, is more like what Is.

So, awareness Is. Many people, when they presumably look at themselves cannot stand to do so for more than a second. Nor is there capabilty to do so for any length of time necessary to exalt the treasure of who you Are.

AWARENESS IS WHO WE ARE! If we plod along some path ‘thinking’ we can get to the top of the mountain without awareness, how delusional is that?!

We hone our awareness by constantly choosing to See. We attach ourselves to witnessing the phenomena versus getting chewed up by the phenomena. And since it is who we Are, it is effortless (unless we believe it isn’t). But then we need to See ‘that’.


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