On our respective path to higher consciousness and the exploration of our True Nature, we might avail ourselves of aids and reminders to ease our stickiness to how we think things should be.



The following is a charted example of some ways to be more skillful and less manipulated by our false self.  It is an ‘action’ map for Being, effortlessly. Of course, the map is not the territory. Skillfully moving through the territory is the intent of the ideas.




And of course, the words used here are, essentially just words.  There may be more meaningful words available, especially if one chooses to personalize one’s own ‘Way”.  It is suggested to always use vehicles that create a revolution in one’s heart.




Every path is different up the same mountain. We choose our climbing tools that suit our particular ascent to include weathering our circumstances.


Test the tool for strength and personal fit.  Try new tools that are highly recommended. Remember, tools, to include the mind, are only tools.  Let the tool go upon completing it’s use. Carrying unnecessary tools is burdensome.




Let us climb our particular summit.




Facilitating Being-Awareness-Bliss



                       unskilled    /      skillful


1 suffering /attachment /                      no attachment to results




2 Beingness          /to try OR not try  /  just ‘Be”




3 effortlessness  /“pushing energy”/  letting go




4 neg. pattern     / don’t know       / C.I.A.*




5 control /‘doing’ w no connection  /“seeing” + n/a




6 happiness/wrong starting point/ Stream “E” 1st




7 balance/cramming+no inner/path is steady




8 satisfaction/“chasing money,missing wealth/Be^




9 ethics+morals/dark reactivity/Acting w Light




10 stuckness/“hiding out”/there is nothing to hide.




“E” is “The Energy”-not owned by anyone.


*CIA=constant integrated awareness.


^Be=Following Soul’s code + one’s Bliss.






At best, the ego/mind is a set of tools used for this journey.  At worst it is a state of confusion and slavehood of our gifted lives.




It is always up to us to be free enough to desire to see that and more, utilizing the most powerful tool in our arsenal i.e. Awareness.  Witness that and the higher desire as well. See the un-importance of what we normally consider important.  It is truly trivial for the most part.  Sing the song from the heart that releases the unnecessary and selects or defaults to the full integrity of Self.




Be Free.




This Iz Daddy’O . . .


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