"Stack" being somebody at the Burning Man
“Stack” being somebody at the Burning Man


We find ourselves dancing around the idea of “fictitious self” while holding our partner tightly, that is, the ego/mind.  The dance sometimes gets pretty rocking with occasional rejections of our intimate partner. But always, historically, we get back together and continue our less than cosmic dance.  

Our ideas of who we think we are, are bound to crash on the hard floor of reality, as they are always, ideas. Our partner is as illusory as the tooth fairy but less rewarding for all the pain and loss. 

Apart from the speciousness of ‘ideas’ there is another burden haunting us as we dance through life.  It is the grasping, pushing, struggling with the sustenance of trying to be someone.  

This last Saturday, at a trip to the car wash, I engaged with the manager in typical chit-chat.  At an end point there didn’t appear to be anything to say, by either party.  At this point I felt the ‘need’ to say something. However, it began to have less Moment and more push as I moved to speak.  

In retrospective, as the silence moved in, there was not a full acceptance of all ‘that’.  My resistance was countenanced by the compulsion to be someone other than the silence which has everything.  This burden of grasping to be someone in an otherwise comfortable moment, was foreign.  Its falseness resonated with my core.

Not having the freedom to be ignored by my ego/mind, I was driving for the ego/mind, for it’s air and life support.  The dance was in peril.  I needed to say something, for ego’s sake.

The freedom for ego to be ignored is the freedom to Be.  The partner we ‘think’ we have is as much fantasy as a cartoon.  Our ‘beingness’ is already set.  In hard reality, there is no ramping up an identity to please the other person. But this is what we do, especially in awkward moments where our connection cannot be as strong as we really ‘are’.  And it is cartoonish to see ourselves clueless in the comfort of our patterns of behavior.

The experience of Self and reality is our access point to the intensity of enlightenment.

We undermine the self-evident effortlessness with the cause of saving our ideas of self, our defense of the false self.  We misstep, in creating an additional hinderance and excess baggage of believing we are ’not done’.  

The ‘silence’ is not a threat, It Is.  And It Is full with no neediness.

There is no ‘need’ to try to be somebody when we Are all ‘that’.  This illusion of something missing is the illusion that belongs to the province of the ego/mind.  Being is complete.  Look and feel the energy of what is compelling us.  The calm and beautiful energy of the timeless Moment Is.  Neediness, incompleteness belongs to the lesser vehicle of the mind, and feels unstable.

Being in step with the universe is being in step with the omnipresence of time.  Time is a witness to the entire universe, always.  The second is the basis for light years.  We are in Time when we are the witness, the awareness, the Moment.  Time, the dance and the dancer are one and the same.  

Being in rhythm with time is also being a perennial witness of our own universe, our own awareness, and our reality in any Moment.  Defaulting to this natural connection provides the platform for dancing through life, as if we knew every step of the way.  

Beingness knows.  Get the hook-up.  Break away from the false-intimacy of unregulated patterns and busta’ move with the perennial partner of life itself, Self.

Be always.

This Iz Daddy’O


2 thoughts on “BE SOMEBODY

  1. Hi Ed. Sorry to leave you guys so soon after the program. I like your blog.
    So much to take in!!!. Like Heavy, Dude! All important to know and remember!

    Bob Lund

  2. Bob you are so kind. I am delighted you got on so soon. Also, the evening was tremendous. What a show and in Oak Park. We’ll get together for that coffee in the near future. Daddy’O

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