It is the constancy of Being that makes it Being.  It is the permanence of the condition that gives it its suchness.

In resolving a problem like sleeplessness, for instance, it is much like trying to ‘do’ something that is very natural.  It is sometimes doing something that needs no solving or interference.  Perhaps there is no need for sleep.

In the trying of sleeping example, we insert the element of ‘pushing’ which is counterproductive to falling asleep. Pushing often obliterates the naturalness that is indigenous to the state of effortless sleeping.

What often interferes with ‘good’ sleep is the mind. The body is always present and finds its way in the Now just fine.  The mind, however, is fickle and is strengthened by not being in the Presence. This is often easily demonstrated in unrestful sleep.

Who controls the mind, the mind?  Yes, when the mind is in control, sleep is a good illustration of the struggle of effortlessness and presence, not only for restful sleep, but for wakefulness in life itself.

When we can effortlessly resonate the universe in our moment with time, there is no need for control or other disguises like ‘pushing’.  The entire cosmos itself does not operate on the need for control. At the same time everything is in perfect alignment from planets to stars, and our own harmony with our bodies and ourselves.  Control is a concept that the mind puts out as necessary.  When we ‘are’ everything, control is superfluous.

Our bodies themselves do not have an indigenous competitive monitor stating that the estimated 75 trillion cells need to get working together on this project called ‘little me’.  The 3 pounds of brain matter are not any more important than the liver, or any other organ or process in the body.

There is a resonance with ‘The Reality’ called life itself. And that stuff in the body can get pretty complicated. At any second, there are 4 million cells that are regenerating their DNA.  Do we need someone to control that?  Do the DNA worry about it and try to force it?

In our own life the mind does wag the dog. Whether we sleep or awaken, we often try to do more than is practically necessary. We interfere with ourselves, often at a deep level.  And ‘ourselves’ being the innate intelligence of life.  We are the same intelligence that created the universe and sustains the universe.

WE need to wake up and go to sleep, effortlessly.  We Are always. Resonate ‘that’, always. Effortlessly.

So, in the harmony of effortlessness, there is a presupposition called ‘choice’. That ‘choice’ is the option to be or not to be, in the sense of pushing or letting.  Do we know that we choose?  Do we believe that we choose every moment?  If we are in control, do we need to be in control to be?  What happens if we were to ‘let go’? Will everything just crash?  Our mind thinks so.

Like sleeping, like awakening, the process is sublime. The overdoing is just too much. The answer is to ’not’ control and to ‘let’. If the universe of our bodies or of our galaxies can ‘be’, we certainly Are.

Wake up sleepy head. See the resonance that is You.

This Iz Daddy’O 



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