How comfortable are we feeling? Is the space we are in now, the space where we are optimal?  Or is something still out of place with less than our expectation of where we should be, internally?

Is our space ‘our’ space?  Or is it a space that we defaulted to in life?  Do we feel like a big ego in a little room? Would increasing the size of the room cause the ego to also grow proportionally; thereby resulting in the same scenario of being?

We choose the size of the ‘inner room’ we live in all the time.  Is that not so?!

Reduction in room size occurs often through our selection process of what realities we want.  We like purple on our walls but do not want red or blue.  Oh but red and blue together make purple.  Rejecting red and blue means rejecting purple.  Oh dear.

We want to have our lives be positive, noble, and full of the ‘good’ things so we can be happy.  Is that so demanding of the universe?!

Of course, it is what everyone wants.  But what about the red and the blue?  What about the ying and the yang?  What about the ‘being’ and ‘not being’?  Can we have one without the other when the other defines it? If there was no ‘other’, or in some cases a negative, the positive could not be; yes?

Happiness increased cannot by itself increase happiness.  It is when it is contrasted with ideas and pains of suffering, that we can appreciate and sustain happiness.

So when we are in our little room inside we feel cramped, crowded, and unsettled.  We pine for the luxury of more space.  A space that is freeing rather than imposing.  A space that grows with us to the point of generosity to ourselves and others, where it is not an issue.

Letting go of our crowding our space with ideas we can not let go of nor even entertain losing, is problematic.  Unskillful hoarding and obsessing of paradigms where we need to be right, to show others we are right, is all wrong.  When we continue on this non-negotiable path, we isolate ourselves from others, and just as important, we lose our connection to who We Are.

Boy, our room is getting smaller.  Our attachment to how things should be, deteriorates to the point to what is generally regarded as a positive, is now negative.

What we are looking for is a room with a view.  A space that has plenty of room for life; that is, all the joys and sorrows that are indigenous to our existence.

When we bring in our ‘fixed state’ of how we are and how the world should be, we bring in fragility and inflexibility.  The Moment does not behave like this.  It is always changing and infinitely flexible and fluid.  It is what makes the Moment.  Uncertainty is welcome, for it is what makes us play.

Are we ready to abandon our designating powers of ‘joy’ when we get it, or ‘bummer’, when we do not?  This attachment weighs and anchors us to results that are not ours.

More space, more consciousness.  The room is big.  We make it small.

The spaciousness of Now, is abiding in the perennial moment of change itself.  It is not hanging on to what was nor is it trying to control anything in the future. Both of those timezones are about as unreal as unreality gets.  The Moment is sufficient to itself.  It is always full -no neediness.

In this beautiful space of openness and acceptance, and connection to others/Self, is Awareness in it’s full spectrum of light. Awareness has no utility in the concept of control.  Control is one dimensional and pushy.  It is dualistic.  Awareness is full consciousness and unbounded.  Awareness is full-strength in the Now.

Knock down the artificial walls and boundaries we ourselves have put up.  Open the doors to the Self in this and every other Moment with no reservation.  See with the strength of Awareness unbridled, the vistas of who we really are, Now.  Enjoy the view.

This Iz Daddy’O


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