Brick-by-brick, we build our walls of things, relationships, and karma that will follow us around our current lives.  We want more of the the first two and less of the last.  The constant ‘wanting’ occupies precious space and possibility.  We are so busy we cannot see what we already have now.

Do we notice how a drawer, a closet, or a storage facility gets clogged up to the point of losing it’s utility? We dump stuff there with little regard for future use until it becomes untenable. The drawer won’t open.  The closet is dysfunctional.  And the storage facility is just costing too much, month after month.

Can we see the analog of how we do this with our attachments and their consequences? They are costing way too much for the seeming utility they speciously offer. We have not inventoried what we have because we are afraid of seeing the inevitable negative of waste and unconsciousness.  It appears to be easier to just forget about it.

The solution, at least in part, is to take the time to ‘sit’ and inventory our so-called “treasures”.  A better word may be encumbrances.  These attachments are directly related to our suffering, one, due to their inability to give us satisfaction; and two, their displacing of energy that can give us satisfaction.

Attachments, are precisely that. Attachments are more like liens on property, leeches on a host, or unnecessary weight that slows our vehicle down. Attachments are truly not necessary.  It is a luxury none among us can afford to sustain well.  The sooner we see that, the sooner the bad romance can end without further devastation.

We can get about redirecting our energy to the natural business at hand in this lifetime, that is, the broadband of connectivity to sustainable energy, “The Energy”, once we ’see’ our way past frivolous attachments. Our freedom to engage in a meaningful way with “The Energy” is proportional to the amount of attachment we carry.

Desires shall continue to exist and cannot be wiped out completely.  The point is to ’see’ the attachment in as much as we can, especially in areas where we are cathecting large amounts of energy and/or continue to have a long-term unconscious relationship with destructive behaviors.  

‘Why’ we are holding on to destructive patterns is initially not as compelling as the testimony of us allowing them to continue for no apparent reason. The ‘why’ shall be subsequently seen as our awareness begins to address and acknowledge our stuff.   

The shift can then begin to ‘source’ more of “The Energy” and help buffer the release of what was once ‘us’, that bundled dysfunctional set of unrequited desires. This is where/when the rebuilding takes place.

In order to have a large broadband signal, we need to have a bigger pipe so we can allow the signal to come in. The old restrictive retro architecture is not capable of housing this all-inclusive wide signal that life is.

After seeing our limitations of space and possibility we can then build brick-by-brick and moment-by-moment, our personal architecture to enhance our ability to get the signal from the deepest part of the Universe.  Until then, we are stuck with the little selves and dirty empires we have spun that invariably trap us in their foolishness.

Seeing and letting go of what we ‘think’ we need, what we ‘think’ we are, and what we ‘think’ can do, is ‘thinking’ that gets in the way.  ‘See’ clearly, that is the ‘thinking’ and not Being.  This ‘thinking is effort, while the ‘Being’ is effortless.  Beingness does not need ‘thinking’ to Be.  Thinking has an overt role and is a valid process for rationality and appropriate navigation in the world.  It is an ill-suited process for divining Self.

When we ’sit’ (meditate/Be) with the resonance of Now, we open doors that were previously closed and create space where there was no space previously. This is the broadband of the frequency of Now.  This channel is where the fullness can come through, filling and thrilling our hearts, every Moment. 

The broadband of consciousness opens us up to so much more, as we supplant the attachment to bad service/performance, with the clarity of the signal that is only present Now.  Lose the baggage, so we can travel lightly and quickly down the path to higher frequencies and consciousness.  Being in every Moment opens us up to a bandwidth capable of profound change.

This Iz Daddy’O   


  1. Week after week, your blog continues to hit me in just the right places, meeting the need of the moment. Thank you. May you remain inspired.

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