Oak Park, IL "May the 4th be with you" fire
Oak Park, IL “May the 4th fire”


So many people tip-toe through life, so carefully, only to arrive, safely, at death.” Tony Campolo

What are we going to do when it is time? What are we going to try to delay when it is time? Do we have any time left and how much is that? Will it be too late if we wait? When ‘that’ moment comes, how have we prepared our Now? Can we wait any longer?

What we have practiced every moment in every day is what is going to show up between Now and midnight. There really is no tomorrow as far as when the show closes. Tomorrow never comes. It all starts Now like it always has and always will. When the show closes, it will be Now.

Do we know when our time will be up? Do we really believe we can know when? Even in planned events like the Oklahoma fiasco that just occurred, the time was not when the officials said it would be nor was it under the circumstances they desired. We are under an illusion that we would be alright. However, if alright is not right Now, chances are that our experience will remain the same, unimproved from what we would want it to be.

If we persist in the practice of ‘doing’ our ‘little’ thing without consideration of the finality of the Moment, how can we expect something different later?

We all have scripts from which we derive and address our reality. Everyone’s script is unique but just like the ‘director’s’ script, it can be rewritten in order to get a better performance.

The thing about the final moment is that it is the culmination of a life. It is the last chance to ‘get it’. It signifies, in that last characterization of energy, where we really are with the development of our consciousness and the execution of our script. Is our life and performance good enough to pass the muster into the unknown? Or are we energizing attachments that demand a revisit?

Jack Kornfield stated that the criteria of how we lived, loved, and learned to let go, are the things that matter.

The last criterion is often the most difficult due to our tendency and conditioning to hold on to things that we love and find important. Our ‘letting go’ is what frees us in the Now and probably in the final moment, as well.

Do we have the practiced capacity to let go of all the ‘good’ and all the ‘bad’ acts we have owned? This attachment is our own and has changed the way we now live our life and can have a profound impact of how we transition. Letting go means letting any and all things we cling to, to be released. Attachments are burdens that often distort judgment and keep us clinging and needy, and recycled into the same karma.

A clear understanding of scripts may facilitate moving past old ideas and inappropriate conveyances. Sensory perception, cognitive thought, emotional feeling, and in situ actions, are the sequential root pieces to learning new paths of behavior. There are up to 9 things we can successfully hold in our working memory. The more items in working memory, the more our attention has to be asserted into thinking and less in doing.

Rehearsal of a script will reduce the use of the working memory to automatic mode, freeing up attention. Mastering a complex and intensive script to the point of thinking going automatic, is termed “overlearning”, a good thing.

In our lives, we have used the above process to learn to drive a car, to play a musical instrument, or to Tig weld aluminum. Automatic scripted tasks enable human efficiencies and also sometimes create potential unregulated blind spots.

Conscious awareness while performing a script like driving, can reveal deleterious habits that we have developed. The adaptation of moving our working memory into an unessential role has given us more freedom from thinking and awareness. Hence, the problem.

Thinking can be downsized, however, awareness does not need to be diminished. The Witness is always present. Allowing the Witness the space to Be is never a problem. How could it be? Awareness does not tax the mind like thinking does. There is no effort in Awareness and Awareness takes up no room in working memory.

Awareness is who we Are. Whether we are working old scripts or developing new scripts, which by living, we would be obliged to do, awareness can enhance all scripting.

It is the steady incorporation of awareness as part and parcel of who we are at any Moment, that makes it a significant player in everything we are a part of in life. Instead of losing Awareness and thinking when we do a script, we just lose active thinking (for speed and efficiency).

Living our life with a constant integrated awareness (C.I.A.) keeps us in the game, so much so, that we retain our spontaneity despite the regularity and/or tediousness of the task/challenge. Awareness grounds us in the Moment, thereby revealing things that the dismissal of active thinking diminishes.

If our Now is at the point of finality, then we will know it, not so much by ‘thinking’ but by awareness and continuity with The connection to who we are beyond life and death. If we stay connected to The Energy, not attached to the script and the players, and we will see it always in the freedom of the Moment.

The time is always ‘round Now. Think, rehearse, and perform the script with the backdrop of perennial awareness.

Be That.

This Iz Daddy’O

5 thoughts on “‘ROUND NOW 2 MIDNIGHT

  1. Thank you as always for being an instrument/constant reminder of the truth. I have a few questions raging inside me that I hope you will pardon and consider:
    I have heard it said that since we are all part of the one energy, our end is assured. So if in that final moment of death, I have the opportunity to ‘get it’ one last time, where is the motivation to awaken now? In my own experience, the honest motivation has mostly been a need to avoid pain and suffering or a desire to reconnect to the feeling of bliss / nirvana. None of these seem true enough, for if the awareness is what I am, shouldn’t the practice of it stand on it’s own and be it’s own reason without any extraneous or ulterior motives? Why is it that we experience a constant resistance to staying in the moment and are continuously pulled back into the dream? If awareness takes no effort or takes nothing from us, Shouldn’t waking up and staying awake be our natural state? Why do we struggle so? When I am awash and overwhelmed with painful emotions and sensory perceptions, sometimes the last thing I have energy for is staying awake through the event! Instead it is more likely to pull me completely into the horror of that reality. Where is the strength and assertiveness of my true nature?? For I am exhausted with effort!

  2. Your experience is real. Your struggle is everyone’s struggle including my own. Whatever we practice, script, perseverate on is what we affirm and begin to effortlessly pattern. Seeing the futility is not giving in to the pain. It is the golden opportunity to see more of the sublime. The phenomena is the reminder to Be. Resisting the phenomena is not skillful although we train ourselves to do it all the time. Allowing and letting is the ticket with hardcore seeing (awareness). When that inevitable last moment arrives, we have then succeeded to Be in this Moment without regard to whether it is the first or last Moment. To pit Now against a later Now is to deny the Now that Is. No one can bank like this and have success due to the unreality of it all. This Moment is the only Moment we can truly work with.
    Avoiding suffering and wanting bliss is problematic. In other words pushing away while desperately desiring the ‘good’ thing. Instead of pushing, try seeing deeply, constantly. Instead of being needy and unfulfilled, Be fullness. The almost effortlessness of pushing, neediness, grasping is programming. Even easier than this faux ease is the effortlessness of Being. IT is not programming. The conditioning must be seen. Again, there can be no hiding in the fullness of Awareness. As difficult as it may appear to ‘see’, it is the Way. In Aikido, when fighting with swords, the safety zone is right under the killing blade. It is counterintuitive. The entering in, is what we are afraid of.
    At this point, doing something different or counterintuitive, would not make things worse, as far as the persistence of suffering is concerned.
    Awareness is sufficient in itself. The mind is not sufficient in itself. Lose the mind, Awareness still abides. Lose Awareness, we lose everything. Why are you being pulled back into the illusion? The mind/ego dwell in the illusion. When we push, the mind pushes back, all the time. When you See, aha, the mind is revealed for its speciousness.
    We have established our identity day in and day out for years. To upend this illusion is not an overnight task. The suffering takes place in our attachment to this identity and our resistance to letting it go. If we let it go, the pain associated with it would go as well. This happens in the brightness and illumination of the Now. Thinking is not in play here. Thinking is the go to solution that cannot be the solution. Seeing is liberating. If we can let go and then let ‘See’, we then Are. Ask yourself what energies am I allowing myself to indulge in? If you are not streaming fullness, choose fullness, see it and consciously Be it effortlessly. Do not believe that you cannot get this effortlessly. That is a self-imposed barrier. This energy, Us, is subtle and not a parade. Please take one Moment at a time without looking at the entirety and length of the struggle. Only start with just one Moment. Just breathe and use your body’s time (the body is always in the Moment) to cull just one Moment. This is a starting point. Only Be one Moment at a time. That is sufficient. Daddy’O

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