P1000377“We either think of the past or the future and ruin the present. Past is past, forget it. The past which is dead and gone, is useless. Work for your progress by living in the present, and in the moment. Future does not always bring happiness. And so far as the past is concerned, how much happiness have you experienced in it? Therefore, live happily in the present. What should we do in the present? Follow this maxim: Less luggage more comfort makes travel a pleasure. We should not worry about the past at all. Thinking about the past will not do any good to us. Therefore we should lead our life in the present and achieve all-round progress.”

– Sathya Sai Baba Aug 22, 2007.

Last month I experienced some severe problems in the security of my computer to the point of an unauthorized computer user adjoining me in approving things, like spam emails, sent to my mailing list.

This of course cannot stand. Once I figured out the cause of the intrusion, I ousted the vagabond and doused my computer with anti-malware. This actually was a second intrusion. Only until I was able to see the intruder was I able to remedy the problem.

Also, this month I Costco-ed a 27” monitor for security purposes. The size helps identify unannounced guests which may need an escort somewhere else. The refresh rate is 4ms, and this is important because we do not want to burn a pretty stable image onto the screen like the CRT monitors were more prone to do and LCD monitors ghost now.

And, kinda sorta related to the above, was my evening meditation at the Zen Center, where I was vibing ‘The’ Energy and then, all of sudden this old vasana comes barging in. WTF. (Where’s the financing?) Who punched this lug’s ticket?

In my mind’s eye I just saw “loading error” flash on my internal monitor. It was like all quiet and then this old programming shoves its way into ’The’ space. Really?!

I punched that ticket, and with any added energy in the recent previous past, gave it entry, again. However, seeing it as a “loading error” and not indulging its demands, I can stifle the assault, seeing it for what unreality it really is. It can pass then, for there is no pushing that attracts it further.

When we have 51% or more of our authenticity with the power of the universe, the Moment, and the clear intention to indulge more in seeing than running one of our ‘stupid’ programs, we abide. We abide and continue to course the streaming download of oscar winning energy that always rocks our house. Yeah! It is an easy choice when you know you can choose.

Our indigenous platform of MAC, PC, or Linux can and eventually will be susceptible to virus and other attacks if we do not update our software. The base structures will endure but our other programs will be misused to the point of slowing down our system if we do not watch continuously.

Our monitors refresh rate and larger and larger size can give us a better window on seeing security issues, especially if we just turn it on for constant integrated use.

The analagous tools are much like the silly processes we allow ourselves to adhere to in daily life. The thoughts in our patterns are certainly not real but we react with shame, fear, suicidal ideation, self-loathing, depression, and frustration. These are the outcomes of the viruses we introduce into our dysfunctional programming.

The whole situation we create in our minds has no current basis of fact in the reality of the Now. We import history and revel in it as if it is happening this moment. We import future and react as if is occurring in this moment. How unreal.

The Moment is dynamic, changing, and a completely stable reality. The least amount of distortion occurs when the “fullness” occupies most of our ‘space’, thereby disallowing room for the vagaries of bad programming.

For instance, when we Watch ‘any’ one Moment we shall see if we are acting or reacting. We shall see whether we can effortlessly course “The Energy” or if we are bound to the negatives of our patterning of unreality. This one Moment, as is every Moment, is always the starting point. It is always available for our immediate use. As Carole King sang, “You just call out my name and you know wherever I am I’ll come running to see you again…”, you’ve got a friend.

That friend is the Silence that always listens, the fullness that always gives, the awareness that can see everything, the love that blankets us with peace and compassion and is us, always. That friend is Us, Now, not later.

Choosing what to stream is the question? We are not stuck with bad programming even if we created it. We are beyond all that. When we stream the Source we act, create, Be, and are indistinguishable from the enormity of the Universe itself.

If we do not see that, then we can see more by honing our Awareness. We hone the Awareness by choosing to see more, not just thinking it. We then choose to see our patterns that are unseen. We then choose to see the stickiness of our reactions. We then choose to see the Silence present in every Moment. More Seeing more Being.

Never mind the Moment with the mind. Be the Moment. See the mind. The mind does not rule the Moment. The mind is weakest in the Moment, appropriately. The fox is watching the chicken coop when the mind is in charge. Awareness can see everything without compromise. Awareness has the endurance of eternity, while the mind is temporary. See that.

All, begins in the Moment with the constancy of Awareness. Refresh constantly, Moment by Moment.

See the programming, the malware, expose the viruses and let ‘em go. Connect to “the Energy” 1st, then effortlessly stream all ‘that’ in all moments. This is the platform for stabilizing the roller coaster of life.

This Iz Daddy’O.

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