NASA/CASSINI -Saturn's ring A
NASA/CASSINI -Saturn’s ring A


“When you offer salutations to someone, understand that you are saluting your own self. That ‘someone’ is none other than your own reflection. See others just as you see your own reflection in the mirror. When you are surrounded by many mirrors, you see a number of reflections. Reflections are many but the person is one. Reactions, reflections, and resounds are many but the reality is one. Names and forms may be different, but all beings are part and parcel of the same Divine Principle. Divinity is the underlying principle in the apparent multiplicity of this world. When I am speaking here, My voice is heard through each and every loudspeaker in this hall. In the same manner there exists the principle of unity in our hearts which we have to recognise.” Sathya Sai Baba

When we source distinct energies like boundless love and unstable fear we make the choice between internal/external, permanent/temporary, sublime/sensory, Beingness/ego-mind, unity/separateness and so forth. It may appear like we are throwing switches between 2 realities. The external phenomena or outcomes in the ‘hard’ default world are always dependent on the subtleness of the sublime.

The choice is either more sublime or more superficial, depending on what we source when we source it. If we source the energy before it gets diversified in the outer world, we have a more integrated outcome due to it’s more full association with the Source.

If we source the downstream fully cognized energy more typical of ‘the world’ as we know it, it’s temporariness and superficiality, becomes quickly apparent.

When we react to past transgressions to our ego and/or corrupt ourselves with trepidations of the future, we access the unrealities of unstable phenomena. It can be no other way when we ‘believe’ these false dictates. This belief is a choice that is then made causing a whisking away of ‘the connection’, for a lesser vehicle. And how many times a day do we do this trick to Ourselves?

If we have fear of losing something we think we need or have even gone past this, into believing we can never get it back, we chose the external and unreal. We chose fear and keep choosing it, moment-by-moment. This choice can be reversed if we can only ‘let’ go of this ‘outside’ idea that we are not the ones who are ultimately making all the decisions for our own welfare, all the time.

The belief here is pure BS and we bought it hook, line, and sinker. Question is can we ‘see’ it? Once we see it, we can ‘let’ it go and go Inside.

Going ‘Inside’ is who we really are always. Getting back means letting that external jam and thinking go. Thinking really becomes a problem because of the ego/mind tricks that keep us imprisoned.

“Thinking” about reversing our energies from outside to inside from reacting to acting, from doing to Being is not enough nor could ever be enough. “Thinking” alone is limiting. Seeing the “thinking” and seeing the Being energy, is the ticket out. That is, go in to get out. Not to try to think it and continue to react to it from the outside. There is no connection to what Is. Fear and the belief that we may lose what we think we have, predominates in an unsettling way. Constant connection with awareness is the price of the ticket out.

So it is often not enough to go from ‘shame’, for example. Go into ‘shame’ and explore the reasons we give ourselves for beating ourselves up with our permission. Going into the issue exposes the real reasons for the self-abuse.

Just as important, the component of awareness/witnessing of this transaction is enourmously helpful to us. Following through, we will see the reason(s) for the self-flagellation. When we witness our self-flagellation it can be unpleasant and painful. More so, if we witness with an additional reaction. But yet, the reaction will come. When that occurs, we witness the reaction to the ‘negative’ information, allowing no reinvestment into the source of suffering. No reinvestment occurs when we witness the root source of our discomfort and have a reaction to that discomfort, and then witness the secondary reaction of uncovering all that.

We basically, are abiding in the witness at each stage of stress or success. When we default to ‘seeing’ versus ‘reacting’, we choose ‘reacting’ as less important than ‘acting’ or ’seeing’. Seeing and acting are almost synonymous. When we continually default to ‘seeing’ we become that ‘seeing’ and stop being the reacting. The reaction is happening and is being seen. The reaction does not have the fuel to overpower us because we have become (through practice), ‘seeing’ or awareness.

This practice is the honing of awareness. Choosing to ‘see’ despite the reaction, is always the right and skillful choice. We gain immediate perspective and are not so wrought by an otherwise difficult situation. Believing it is a choice is not where it is. It Is a choice. Belief would just get in the way.

When we increase awareness, we increase our Being. Increasing our Beingness results in a superb connection to The Energy, that is, the same energy that fueled the “Big Bang”.

Sourcing the fullness of Love, seeing the fear fearlessly and seeing the reaction when we see the fear, is channeling the right stuff. The Permanent abides and the impermanent passes before our eyes. This is the hook up sista’. Feed the soul every Moment. Practice the awareness that is natural and effortless. See it. Be it. Always.

This Iz Daddy’O

5 thoughts on “FEED THE SOUL SISTA’

  1. It seems almost surreal the way my experiences line up with this blog. I Am amazed and continue to look forward to it every week. You may know the zen saying: after the ecstasy, comes the laundry – I realize now that it was naive for me to expect that the blissful state I once experienced upon a previous awakening would be automatically continuous, lol. Imagine my surprise (long after a return to my ‘normal’ state) when the awareness of my oversized reactions and vicious patterns started to grow and grow until it seemed I was watching a movie of my life. As you have predicted, my personal shame and self condemnation just kept piling up until I was completely frustrated. I had just started to ‘believe’ that I was the worst human being around when the miraculous process of dis-identification lifted me. To your point, no amount of external wisdom, downstream intellectual analysis or thinking about consciousness could help me. There really is NO substitute for going inside. But it’s tough to go inside when you are consumed with judgement. What helped in my case was a sudden dis-identification with my mind. After I tried and tried unsuccessfully to make myself better, I gave up and accepted the fact that the mind will do what it is accustomed to doing, so I just watched it instead. Although I was watching my reactions before, something had changed now because the me with a vision of freedom from those thoughts and reactions was not the me who kept churning out the thoughts! And since this separation started to happen, I have found myself sinking deeper and deeper into silence and into the internal spaciousness that feels so calm. My heart also feels more open (which makes me less reactive) because I don’t automatically believe every thought anymore. However, even as I write this comment, the mind still does it’s thing and whispers the fearful thought that I will loose touch once again. But all I can do is watch the mind do its thing 🙂
    Thank you Daddy O. In this seemingly unstable journey, it’s great to have your voice cheering us on!

  2. Wow! How beautiful and so compelling to hear your journey. It is the journey we are all on.

    Identity theft by the fictitious ego and the slippery mind is an egregious crime that truly affects us all. Calling in that crime to the awareness, is our back, is our watchful security in a tumultuous world. Awareness is the restorative justice that makes things right ‘again’. The Awareness of restorative justice makes whole the identity that was stolen by an imposter. The going back to the ‘real’ normality while still feeling the victimization pain is not easy. It is a transition where we get stronger by a continued re-association with “The Energy”. The Truth is we never deserved the treatment we gave ourselves. We were tricked into believing something unreal to be real. The false identity is now exposed. Years of mistreatment are now over, assuming our reinvestment in constant integrated awareness. It is so much more fun and continually satisfying to know we are not our spurious thoughts nor fickle mind that can con us so deftly. Awareness is the prevention and cure and permanent structure for transacting the patterns of behavior that will continue to follow us down our path until our intense streetlight fully illuminates them. We now have the keys to our liberation. Rock on Sista’. Daddy’O

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