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“Our fears don’t stop death; they stop life.”
Rickson Gracie, accomplished martial artist

When we watch ourselves continually we start to see a lot of stuff. And when we continually see the stuff that repeats itself we may come to the conclusion that enough is enough and change it. We start to see the stupidity of playing the same ol’ tired song. It wears on us and the change cycle begins.

When we stop reacting and replace reacting with constant seeing we reveal our hidden secrets. Secrets about ourselves that were hidden from us. Yeah. We were so down that rabbit hole that we couldn’t see anything past the dominance that took over. We were stuck.

Trading up to awareness pokes holes through some dumb stuff. We even feel dumber because it took so long to realize the obvious. But the upside is the downhill feel of ‘knowing’ when we are really seeing. Knowing the ego/mind, silly goose. It is so dead end.

The artificial limitations that impede our movement through seemingly easy stuff becomes truly artificial. We see where we stopped growing because we’ve made some conclusions about ourselves and about others. But the story has not yet ended. The ‘ending’ at this juncture is totally unnecessary. Our conclusions, however benign, are premature. As we progress, we start to turn the light of awareness on, with more and more being revealed as we commit to seeing more each moment. Everything is open and un-concluded. The fun has just begun.

Radicalization of Being is the re-aquaintance with Self. The fictitious ego and slippery mind are no match for constant integrated awareness (C.I.A.). Fear is not a part of our protective guardedness. Fear has no home in the fullness of the Moment. No room. Fullness takes all the space ideally.

We have become so sexy, not in a sensual way so much, but in the effortlessness of being ourselves without reservation. Our affirmation is not with approval from others but from seeing fully continuously. The ego/mind is no longer a good investment. The beauty of the Moment and our commitment to be Present is just too sexy. It is the attraction of The Energy that moves Self and others around us. Our little personalities are inadequate competitors.

Our motivations change to support the constancy of seeing, even when we are dreaming. Fulfillment in every moment becomes a possibility. Fanfare, big parades or parties are so unnecessary to have the time of our lives. We have the time of our lives with or without these events. We begin to understand Always Be Content means we do not need external devices to find fulfilment. Happiness is not geographically or otherwise located. It Is. Fullness means it is all there right now, because It Is.

If I am too sexy for my mind, it can be translated to: it does not matter what my mind says or what thoughts are present. The mind is a tool and thoughts are Not real. It is the fully loaded awareness in Self that effortlessly abides and appeals to self and others.

If we try to be sexy, it offends because of the artificialness of trying. If we try to Be, it offends because of the artificialness of trying. Be whatever, effortlessly. There is no trying in Being. Putting ‘trying’ in, ruins the effortlessness. Poisoning the effortlessness makes it artificial. That is sexy to Know.

When we access the parasympathetic nervous system branch of the autonmic nervous system we access it through tranquil activities, like, just being sexy. The parasympathetic, as an example, will cause a release of saliva in the mouth when we see sports car that has a killer design and a thunderous exhaust. Conversely, when we access the sympathetic branch of our ANS, we can do so just by rushing and being too busy (how unsexy). That activity prompts a flight/fear response that causes the liver to dump glucose into the bloodstream.

It is sexy to have good health. Accessing the biological realms that will determine how one feels right now and how the practice of engaging certain aspects of our biology can determine long-term health is a health outcome to note. It is said that to lose your wealth is nothing. But to lose your health is significant. And if we lose our character we lose everything. Too many people are concerned mostly about wealth.

And just talking about some things to some people, will cause a fight or flight response. Just saying the word “sexy” is enough to engage the sympathetic stress hormone called cortisol. Watching our reaction and investing in ‘seeing’ more, always offers more tranquility than sterility vis-a-vis the parasympathetic branch.

Why, as we age, do human brains typically shrink? Is this our inevitable future? In WWII there are documented examples of GI’s coming home with significantly shrunken brains. If everything is a fight or a matter of survival are we far behind? The stresses of our daily life in this hyper-vigilant world has not left the time to reflect and Be, because we go along with it all. There are too many disadvantages to abide there too long.

The stodgy and the uncool are that because of our refusal to change and to be right about things till past our death. What kind of flexibility is that? Is the universe so hard and fast? Even physics, a very hard lawful science, has issues with the noncomplicance of non-locality and Quantum Theory. But Quantum Mechanics is one of the leading edges of this physical science. Uptight is not groovy or sexy.

As we see, learn, and age, it becomes less necessary to have it our way, or really the ego’s way. Holding, clinging on to even spirituality, is just as nasty and unproductive as hugging and vaunting the profane mind. It is the process of letting go that makes it sexy. Empowerment through investment into the omnipotence of full awareness is something that will rock your socks.

There is nothing to hide in the full light of consciousness. That ‘light’ makes everything sexy and too cool.

This Iz Daddy’O

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