“We have to develop genuine sympathy for our own experience of darkness as well as those of others.” Chogyam Trungpa

How you move through life makes a statement of how you are living life. The simple things are often the most revealing; to us and everyone else.

The dark side, the shadow side, the hidden side, is the informative side of who we are or who we become. If we can see this dark part of ourselves, this identity, the identity that has been corrupted by our own estimation and ashamed to come out in the open, we can ‘unstick’ the perrenially stuck.

Why this matters is, this is energy that is unregarded while it in fact it may be the sticking point that is pivotal in liberating us from us.

Seeing it is the issue, isn’t it? We don’t want to invite it into our life despite the fact that it certainly is part of our life. Seeing means revisiting in an overt manner. The other kind of seeing where we sneak a little look is tomfoolery and magical thinking. The magic happens when we flood the pattern with lumens of light and awareness and fearlessness.

Fearlessness?! But this is unfriendly territory, why wouldn’t anybody have a little trepidation? In the Moment, in the immediacy of deliberateness, we effortlessly hook-up with the ineffable energy that is us, in the deepest and sincere sense. That connection allows and affords us the power and confidence of reinforcing who we really are, versus who we thought we were vis-a-vis this pattern.

We see the stuckness we have hidden away for years, while and when coursing the beautiful river of energy that is the same energy as celestial star power, vast and spectacular. Distinct differences in these energies become apparent immediately. The ‘fullness’ is integrated, steady, and deeply satisying while the pattern of stickiness that has eluded us, is unsteady, fearful, unjustified, and angry that it has been revealed.

When we see the starkness, the nakedness of emotion trapped inside us with the liberator of consciousness, the contrast makes further choice easy. Both energies are us. However, clearly choosing to abide in one pool over another, has never been clearer. The lesser option has been revealed for its lack of substance. What makes us see that, is the immersion in “The Energy” with radically reduced ego-mind machinations. This “Isness” is very clear (without words).

The shadow is no longer a shadow when the light hits it. It has become a scar that is fading into oblivion. Fearlessness has replaced fearfulness. When we feel healthy and wholesome we effortlessly project ‘that’ to everyone we meet.

The utility of this scar tissue has no real impact on implanting us into the unreality called past or the future. It is a reference point that we now use for compassion for self and others.

“When you are all victorious there is nothing to conquer.”
Chogyam Trungpa

This is the ground for helping ourselves and others. Once we have unpacked our personal demons and sticking points, our barriers to ‘ourself’ are found to be the same barriers we have to others. Really?! Why would it not be so?! Helping others becomes helping ourself.

At this juncture there is no hiding. What happened before, was that in the recesses of our minds and in the recesses of our lives, we stowed away and referenced sureptitiously this dark side. This clandestine activity is now not necessary.

So when we do our little nonsense activities, like playing app games, surfing the internet, or sweeping the floor and making the bed, it all is more genuine. The bogusness is gone. The ‘little’ activities even reveal that.

Proper handling of ordinary life is important because it counts and has a consistency to it. It defines us. How we handle the dull and drum may not seem important but it defines us. We cannot compartmentalize or justify not being in any Moment.

Having less of a shadow self is having more Being.
Abiding in the ‘little’ things is what the universe does all the time. We have now created more space for spaciousness and generosity to ourselves/others. Be that, effortlessly.

This Iz Daddy’O

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