“A very effective way to conquer all sources of physical and mental disease and debility, is awareness of one’s Divine (Aatmic) Reality. That will bring about an upsurge of Love and Light, for, when one recognizes that he or she is the Atma, one would cognize the same Atma, in all, and share in the joy and grief, strength and weakness of all.”
Sai Baba 11-20-82

What is our moment-to-moment reference to who we are, most of the time? Suppose we had a clear insight into our own vasanas that have been stopping our progress forward in our spiritual development. Knowledge of this shadow part of our core existence, does not necessarily confound further progress on our path, as we might think. If we habitually reference ourselves with past performance and behaviors, then, yes, we will be affected. Whatever we practice will show up. If we practice constantly being in the Now, then the Now will show up, not old parts of our past. However, old past objectified will be more accessible for consumption with the light of Awareness.

The “veil of forgetfulness” of presumed past lives is usually more of a boon, than a burden, so we may gain progress in the most important life we have, this one, Now. The starting of our lives, with little to no memory of events that would cause reaction forward, is optimal due to limiting bias. Difficulty emerges when deep energy transfers occur relative to life-changing events, e.g. traumas. It is not necessarily important to believe anything about whether there is or isn’t past lives. What is important is whether we can release the stuck energy that causes us to top-out at the level where we are and have been at, for too long of a time. Without revelation of old programs, progress is otherwise stymied. The ‘stuff’ that is under the ‘veil’ is there and needs to be released.

So, when we ‘get’ the fact that there is ‘some energy’ that needs to be revealed and released in order to forgo further wheel-spinning, we start on the path to wholeness and the restoration of our full capacities to Be. Given the difficulty of properly seeing “old energy reaction patterns” that currently plague us in this life, it is an even more difficult proposition to broker literally buried burdens that have been unseen and unremembered for hundreds of births.

No matter how old the reactive pattern is, whether from a recent yesterday or not, it is occupying space with a peculiar frequency that is probably debilitating to us now. Again, it is not worth any argument over the concept of reincarnation. What we are doing now is most imperative.

Traumas that happened early in our development, without treatment, fester and often result in subsequent adaptive behaviors that are destructive e.g. alcoholism, drug abuse, sex abuse, OCD, PTSD, and comorbidity with Axis II personality disorders. Conventional treatment unloads the primary trauma before going to the secondary problems. Without the root cause being handled, there will, in most cases, be no long-standing remediation of secondary behaviors.

In terms of progress in the development of higher consciousness the same applies; we have to take care of the braking effect of past traumas or perseverating and limiting energies. Just like Bill Murray in Ground Hog’s Day, we don’t get it until we have failed, practiced and failed time after time. We do sincerely stupid things that sabotage our progress. Using the misery of failure, the opportunity of practicing in the real world, we learn how to get past our trivialities that are a disservice to our ideas of success.

When Bill Murray was not succeeding with his sardonic charm, he adapted and learned what was necessary to be successful with his motivator, i.e. ‘the girl’. Skill development from appropriate language to piano lessons upped the confidence level and sealed the deal. The problem obstacle was the role of the obnoxious reporter. The solution was reinventing who he was. He could not even ‘off’ himself because there was no other place to go. “He” had to change.

We cannot go hide someplace inside where we are not. We are always there. Not releasing the unnecessary things we are protecting for the preservation of who we think we are, is bogus. Not releasing is hiding from ourselves.

Anything in the past, in terms of personal history is past. For us to bring in the yesterday of yesterday or the yesterday of another life is equally belligerent to the Now. Interference with the Moment is the consequence. When that happens, of course, Beingness suffers immediately.

Letting go of ‘fixed ideas’ of who we think we are is often one of the problems. These limitations appear as if they are solid and unwavering. They have a well-established history. ‘That’ is a ‘fixed idea’. Seeing the ‘stops’ in our internal world would be helpful. Resistance to some things can be a diagnostic tool to look a little deeper as to why we are ‘thinking’ we cannot do this or that.

Given the severity of our ‘stuckness’ we may be wise to get a little objective help from a trusting soul who can tell us the truth we need to hear/see. We have fooled ourselves for a long period of time calling our own objectivity into question.

Abiding in the suffering may not be where we want to spend our free time, but until we sit with it and surrender the ego, the energy will remain difficult and resistive to release. Ego is involved because that is what is presumably being protected. When we deeply accept that we have allowed this to be ‘sticky’, we can effortlessly detach ourselves from the thinking we are ‘this’ ego. Justifications for not giving up the ego, are the chains that bind us interminably. We gently blow that ego away! Let it go.

Coursing the Large Awareness by transferring the attachment from me/them to Us and The energies, takes the ego/mind to non-fictitous territory. There is no filtering in The Awareness. There is acceptance of everything and everyone, including pain and separate ideas that people are nasty. Those distinctions carry no weight as far as the grandness of the Universe. Diversity is not separateness. Ego is the heaviness and separateness that cannot coexist with the fullness and full-acceptance of the Now.

In our heart we can create a temple where we let everyone in with absolutely no exceptions. This degree of spaciousness is what we need to forgive ourselves and anyone else for past behaviors in order for the Now to be Present, lighting our path constantly. Until we do this, we are making exceptions where no exceptions can be made. We are creating separateness where no separation needs to be made. We cannot say that we ‘See’ until we see that we do not ‘See’ when the ego is still employed.

When the Universe gives us the opportunity to ‘see’ ourselves, whether it is through our own investigation or from the insights of our Guides, we can facilitate the demise of these ‘stops’ by loosening our attachments to who we think we are, by seeing the attachment and the protection of the ego, as the greater harm. The actual behavior or event has long been consummated long ago. Carrying it forward does not release it or forgive it. We forgive ourselves first, accepting, seeing and releasing the past through the brightness and clarity of Now.

When Bill Murray’s character got it, he really woke up and it was a new day, truly. The unreality of the stickiness of same old stuff was gone. The cycle stopped once he realized there was no getting out, even by dying.
Acceptance of what Is and surrender of the false ego, is the flow of who we are. We give up nothing, by giving up something that is at it’s core, disingenuous. Seeing the sticky stuff is not becoming it unless we think we are the ego/mind.

Be free. Be always.

This Iz Daddy’O.

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