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“What matters is to live in the present, live now, for every moment is now. It is your thoughts and acts of the moment that create your future. The outline of your future path already exists, for you created its pattern by your past.” Sai Baba

To find your own way is to follow your bliss. This involves analysis, watching yourself and seeing where real deep bliss is — not the quick little excitement, but the real deep, life-filling bliss.” Joseph Campbell

One of the major questions of life is, where are we going with all this? When we look around and see our fellow human beings pushing, getting bigger houses, newer cars, more high-paying jobs, we ask ourselves, “Is this the way?”.

When we see powerful individuals in our society pushing other people, knocking them down for increased self-aggrandizement, choosing self-interest over the greater good, we ask ourselves, “Do we really want to be like this person?”.

When we ask the question, where am I going, do we answer it? Are we able to answer it? And if we answer it, how do we Know?!

Is the question not to be answered but only asked? Does the question remain the same and the answer change, situationally?

Does how we transact our way down the path, matter?

What criteria is in keeping with our feeling ‘right’ about it all? Just getting down the path we paved by previous work, is at best, only a minimum. Yes, at least we did not ignore what was obligated to us by us.

The richest people on the planet are definitely not the happiest nor the most spiritually advanced. Proportionally, cultures with greater success in individual and collective harmony, are cultures that have simple, long-standing practices of sustainability with respect to the planet and themselves. If global society gave greater weight to quality of life vis-a-vis a positive impact on people/environment, e.g. Bhutan, Costa Rica, Nepal; rather than GNP or military spending, the world would be a different place.

Albeit, it is contradictory to go against the model as it is presently laid out. Our paths are a choice to not pursue this specious dream of control, egoic approval, and jaundiced judgment. These characteristics are ‘ego binding’ and ‘ego building’. Ergo, unskillfulness and promotion of the false self, are the inevitable outcomes.

“Where am I going?”, is a legit question that requires asking and answering. Otherwise, why are we playing this role? To go on without a reference, is truly to be driven by whatever forces we come across. With no reference point, we would perhaps end up just like the people we have despised. Biographies abound graphically in a choice being made about one’s path, how one would approach it, and the consequence of it all. Character is defined without question.

This is not to say that all decisions would be perfect. A learning curve is to be expected. Our core values or lack of, determine our approach. Gandhi stated that we should be the change that we desire. Idealization is fine as long as we adhere to the rigors of it in our life, moment-by-moment. Compartmentalization versus full alignment of values, is the bane of consistency. We usually do not like it when others point at our big inconsistencies that they see and we don’t.

How we transact the path that is exclusively ours, is imperative. To just throw out words and no aligned actions, is insufficiency defined. To follow one’s bliss is to know deeply, what rocks us in a profound way. To not pursue this revolutionary path, would be revoking our reason for choosing this life. Only we can determine the path given to us by us, by allowing our bliss to manifest boldly.

If we edit this and that because of this person, this event, or this trend, then we are not following our bliss. We are following in a reactive pattern, not a pattern we are acting out in the Moment. Reaction is overplayed and overrun with more reaction. When we are coming from the stillness within, the depth of our being, ‘that’ is what is beating our heart. Not this constant back-and-forth, up and down, thing called reaction. There is no iffyness, no I’m not sure, or let me call my lifeline.

When we feed our Soul, we do not feel hungry or clingy, or needy. We are satisfied and full. The quality of energy is calm and forthright. We Know.

Walking down our path is reinforcing to us, obviating the need for approval from others. Control is not necessary in that it is superfluous to the alignment that we our already experiencing. And control gets in the way because who can predict the next 5 minutes? Judgment is reduced to the only question in the throws of the Moment, “Am I following my bliss?”. Everything else is everything else. We keep it in perspective.

“Where am I going?” We are going from our current state of bliss and deep satisfaction in this Moment to the next Moment with the flexibility of Cirque du Soleil performers. Our path and specific task development, is what moves us super-deeply. It is what we were born for in this life. And it is there right now, in the Now.

In this Moment, we are creating our future right now. Our energies, preferences, thoughts, words, and actions ingrain our selection of where and how we are going to get where we need to go. Of course, it is far better to live consciously and know and be aware of who we are at any Moment and what we are putting down, in order to determine our uncertainties for the life we have been given. If we are in alignment with the universal Moment, sans ego, we can utilize the vastness of the Universe to arrive at our mutual goal.That is the path of least resistance to who we really are, always. We are all that the Universe is first, with whatever we deduct for identity confusion.

We are Bliss going to Bliss. We wrote the script and in the Moment, are editing as we play the role. The director, actor, and other actors have already been chosen. We are they, except we forgot. The path is effortless, if we allow it. See always. Listen deeply for the asides.


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