“His reality was now that of pure spirit and outside of the illusion completely. This reality is also completely outside of the mind that made the false universe, a mind that people mistake for the home of their true oneness.”

“He no longer had to seek after perfect Love, for with his many wise choices he had removed all of the barriers that had divided him from the reality of his perfection.”
Gary R. Renard

It is paramount. To see that everything we do is subject to the flawed view that there is separation between subject/object, us/them, me/not me. It is truly mind-blowing. Who we are is so not what we think. Not that thinking can even come close to getting It. Wrong tool.

Right tool is Awareness, non-limiting awareness. Awareness not truncated by the artificial barrier of only trading in the limiting consciousness of a dualistic framework.
And in the hidden reality of Self, we are really already there, but we constantly throw in the trite belief (and practice) that the modality of dualism must still be operative.

Our subsistence, to have an imperative, must be wholly who we are without the bogus filtering of a jaundiced starting point. It does not mean we cannot operate in the world. So it is not only us that changes, but our ideas of the world changes. That is, the thing we thought we had to go against. It is all just us. All these ideas of we being different, separate pieces are seriously delusional. The core of who we are is everything always, not a fractured, runaway model that bleeds disharmony constantly.

When we invest in any part of the delusion of separateness, we actively isolate and interfere with The Process of Being. Awareness, ideally, is constantly seeing the delusion of dualism and the choosing, in the Moment, the unity in the diversity. We tirelessly perseverate on the details of our life so much that we miss the point of connection. We are more concerned about getting the name of the modality ‘right’ than ‘being’ the modality. ‘That’ can become delusional and disconnecting.

Driving the Suzuki truck today through the urban jungle, I received my typical challenges to the “Oneness” thing. The big rig to my right side was physically moving his vehicle in my direction resulting in my horn being sounded in order to preclude an unsafe situation. The driver, moved out of the right lane, to the left lane behind me, and then into oncoming traffic lane for 200 yards, in order to access the left turn lane. He added his horn to the cacophony of sounds, as he passed to my left.
Fortunately, no aggravating circumstances resulted as I witnessed ‘our’ exchange. Most of all, my reactions had no impact on The connection between the driver and myself.

In terms of my response/reaction, I was aware of the tendency to change my energy into a negative response and justifiably make the other driver ‘bad’. Even if we do not do anything in terms of acting out our insult, we often relinquish our equanimity for the satisfaction of being right. This is typical. So typical for the dualistic choice –reaction and judgment. Both of which have a distancing of Self from Self.

When there is the realization that the reality really is that the other vehicle is us, we watch more and remain in the “bhav”. When we see that when we engage in “separating” behavior, and that all it will do is distance ourselves from ourselves and from the other person, and not react, we choose non-dualism. Occlusion in our choice of ‘double-vision’ diminishes the quality of our decision-making.

K and I are talking about his work situation. He presents some positives and negatives about a decision he thinks he has to make. I do not give him any clues as to which way to go. He states that I did not give him any direction. I state that I told him, before, about looking at the quality of energy of how you are approaching the problem. If the energy is insecure and going back and forth about doing/not doing, then that is the mind. If the energy is solid so as to not require consensus from anyone, then that is the connection that is most reliable. The choice remains K’s. He needs to sit with it.

While conversing, 2 police vehicles round the corner and head to Whole Foods. K says look at that. I say, this looks like rubber-necking. We like to look, too much, at the parades of life and lose ourselves in the drama, while bailing from The Connection. This is an example of the overlay of the mind-toxic paradigm called dualism, that engages us in an unhealthy way of using our energies. We pull out from the ‘perennial’ connection, probably most of the time, preferring to indulge in the parade.

Rubber-necking in dualism, is definitely getting caught up in the game part of life to the chagrin of why we are here. If we look at the realism of modern X-box-like games that are compelling with sound, response, engagement and life-like graphics, we have the visceral responses that parallel our ‘real’ lives. The stresses are stressful, the excitement is addictive, the satisfaction is consuming, and the games get more real. But really, we know that they are artificial. Well, at least we know that they are not real when we stop.

At a certain level, we ‘know’ that the artificialness of our lives is there and we attempt to jump mountains in flying suits to get what is missing in our ‘moment’. Perhaps considering a more long-term solution than base-jumping, would be recommended. Something less dramatic like ‘seeing’ we are stuck in a paradigm that is shared by billions and affirmed constantly by generations of our ancestors, may be a tad more viable.

Looking at the insecurity of the uncertainty of the Moment as an asset rather than as something to constantly resist, is compelling enough, with the understanding that we have nothing underfoot to stand on. Being in the Moment is risk-taking behavior in that you don’t know where it is all going but you go full-on. If you worry, you get thrown out of the Moment. No worries but all there, all the time. That is a thrill!

Abiding in the fullness with no separateness, is our home. The groundlessness is the permanence. Being allied with the Source is fluid and unattached to the temporary.
Dualism is attachment to the changing impermanent and ‘separate’ physical universe.

Consciousness Is permanent. Mind is temporary. Separateness is an illusion. We are spiritual beings first and last, all coursing “The” energy. No one owns this energy. It cannot be owned. It Is all part of the “Oneness”. To not realize this before we exhaust this life means we did not see our intoxication with an artificial construct that we helped build and support. We can use the most powerful tool available to us now to cut through the blindness of not seeing the profound —greater and greater amounts of awareness streaming constantly through every moment every day. Be that! Always.

This Iz Daddy’O



  1. Thanks for reading. When we rubber-neck, we basically overindulge in something that we should not be doing versus something that we should be doing. We are Beings that Be first, then do (after establishing/maintaining The connection). When we pull away from The connection we of course disconnect. So, to get too involved in the dualistic theater, is unplugging from The connection of who we are always. And when we do this indulging we choose to get the glitter instead of the ‘fullness’ we Are. Going for the temporary at the expense of the ‘fullness’ is trading down for separation and the questionable rewards of the dualistic unreality. That “la, la land” leaves us empty and needy.

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