“If women ran the world we wouldn’t have wars, just intense negotiations every 28 days.”
Robin Williams

“The only thing that Eric Gardner was brandishing was his ‘black’.”
Larry Wilmore (Writer, actor, producer)

Throughout our day, our reality is presupposed in that we succumb to the mind, and chase our tail going up and down in mood. The dilettantes in us, follow a narrow reality of polarized goals, constantly, throughout our day. We do not show a commitment strong enough to overcome this ridiculous pattern of behavior.

We understand that we really do not like this roller coaster effect but cannot seem to do anything about it. We rationalize that no one can be happy all the time. But we do not address the other paired opposite called unhappiness. Can we be unhappy all the time? More of us would immediately have no problem in suggesting that we can be in a dismal permanence. But why can’t we be, legitimately, not suffering and preferably happy all the time?

The mutual problem of ‘either’ state “of mind”, is that these polarities are in themselves unstable. The mind is insatiable in its desires while at the same time being unable to deliver any permanence to outcomes it pursues. This mind ‘roller coaster effect’ is an illusion and cannot confer the permanent bliss we so pine for in our life.

For instance, we believe that ‘this’ relationship is ‘the one’ and we will be finally ‘happy’. The desire is a desire and it is outside of ourselves. Outside of ourselves, means that the phenomenal temporal world is operationally not real as far as putting our precious eggs in that basket. If we “think” we will be substantially and intrinsically satisfied, we are ‘just’ “thinking”. It is not real. It is just thinking.

“Thinking” is cognitive and not effortlessly “Being”. It is mind-based, meaning that the ‘tool’ called the mind is now calling the shots. The mind does not have the capacity to “Be”. However, it can provide a ton of delusion and illusion. It is just a tool that is being misused by us with support from the manufactured ego/false self.

Ergo, the ‘false self’, is not in any position to deal with permanence. It is in a great position to delude and entice, riding on that proverbial roller coaster. It seems like fun but just doesn’t last.

What kind of commitment would be necessary to overcome this too common malady for humanity? Why haven’t our efforts been enough to overcome these “thinking” deficits?

Knowing, or ‘thinking’ “we know”, is certainly not enough. It is just more masquerading through so-called “knowledge”. Acquired knowledge is not necessarily enough to overcome this problem. Moving into the brilliance of the body, moving into the observer of the observed awareness, moving into the deep Truth inside us; all permanent fixtures in Self, Is. There, inside, quietly without pomp or circumstance, we can really abide. It is where “The Energy” Is.

Our “Seeing” work gets us there. We cannot push in, like we do in getting a job or a ticket to a concert. “Our” is stated in the broadest sense with absolutely no exclusions. If there is attachment, it is not to be pursued in the exterior temporary phenomena. Attachment itself is only a temporary vehicle to get to non-attachment. If we are everyone and everything, attachment has no meaning.

Making a commitment to a fuller awareness of Self is the starting point for real change to a permanent equanimity of being. Seeing ourselves throughout our day, reacting constantly, is helpful. Actual consistent observation of our reaction in a deeper way, can unpack a lot of “stuckness”. If in watching our reaction in real time, with more energy going into the observation, we actually change the dynamic. The ‘reaction’ stickiness is reduced and movement is slowly being made to ‘action’. The ‘action’ of witnessing constantly can liberate chronic personal situations, assuming most of what is going on in a big way is ‘reaction’.

See the instability of the “roller coaster effect”. See the stability of redirecting our energy into the permanence of “The Energy”. We choose the ‘source’ of what feeds us constantly. If we want the stability of the permanence within, we then need to ‘see’ that, always.

This Iz Daddy’O

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